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Lars Siden July 21st, 2010 03:02 PM

Strange behaviour/bug in PPro CS5 ?
Hi all,

Just noticed that when I open a project (this is a HD 1080 50i project, but that doesn't matter) - It loads up all fine and loads all 56 clips within 20 seconds or so.

If I double click a clip in the project asset list, expecting it to show up in source the monitor, PP "stalls" and gets unresponsive for 5-10 seconds - but if I right click the clip and select "Open in source monitor" it works perfect ?!?!

Have I missed a setting somewhere or is it a bug?

// Lasse


I changed my settings for the media cache files and media database, will see if that helps.

Jay West July 21st, 2010 04:04 PM

A couple of thoughts to check.

Make sure that Premiere isn't conforming or indexing media (look for progress bars in the lower right hand corner).

Also make sure that Premiere hasn't lost track of media and is trying to relink (there will be tiny text messages about this in the lower left hand corner of the PPro window.

Sometimes, PPro seems to take its time with these things and they need to get done before PPro lets you do much editing..

If neither of those is occurring, you might have a small corruption or glitch in the project file or some kind of hiccup in Premiere. I've run into this once in a while. If rebooting does not help, I'd try importing your media into a new project. I've had couple of PPro CS4 projects that locked up and the problem went away when I started a new project with the footage. Haven't had to do this yet with PPro CS5, though.

The one time I recently had something like this happen with CS5, it was not just the source monitor that was a problem. It was a project that I'd started under CS4 and recently had to work on again. When I deleted the render files and media cache, the problem went away. I had to re-render everything. Make sure that your media cache files and media data base are cleaned up, too. If you've got a bunch of these sitting in your user profile "my documents" folder on the system drive, it can really slow things down. (If memory serves, you are using an SSD for your system drive and these tend to have less capacity than regular hard drives, so make sure that the SSD has been filled up with render and media cache files.

Lars Siden July 22nd, 2010 03:07 AM


Thanks! I did just that, deleted all media cache files and media database - so far so good!

Will finish the project today, hopefully it will work okey!

// Lasse

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