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Adam Gold March 30th, 2011 02:42 PM

Delete all type styles in titler styles library
Is there a quick and easy way to do this other than selecting each one individually, deleting it, and then confirming that yes, indeed, you're sure you do really want to delete the typeface? From what I can tell by searching the help files, the Adobe forums and here, the answer is no. I know I'll never use any of the pre-programmed styles and you can't switch to an empty library and just add the styles as you create them (because there isn't one), and you can't create a blank library unless the styles library window is empty, which requires manually removing each and every style.

Does anyone know of a faster and easier way? I know I've got to be missing something obvious.... I've tried deleting all the content of the *.prsl file I found, deleting the file completely, and duplicating it, renaming it, deleting all the content and switching to that one, but it seems like it rebuilds itself with all the unnecessary styles no matter what I do.

Adam Gold April 2nd, 2011 12:04 PM

Re: Delete all type styles in titler styles library
Yeah, I'll admit it is sort of a stupid and trivial question for what is only a minor annoyance.

Interestingly, the single help page that talks about this (Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 * Titler text styles) contains the quote

you can delete the current library display, create new styles as you work, and then save those styles in their own library.
which is exactly what I want to do, but there doesn't seem to actually be any way to do this. Even deleting each and every style, one at a time, and then saving the file -- or creating a new empty file -- doesn't work; it seems to rebuild itself every time and always opens with all the styles you just deleted still displaying.

I now consider this to be a matter of honor and will not rest until I have conquered this challenge.

Thoughts from the experts are welcome.

Feature request filed.

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