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Marcus Durham May 15th, 2012 03:38 PM

CS5.5 to CS6 activation issue - CS5.5 serial rejected
I just want to run this past the forum to see if anyone else has come across this.

Last year I opted for the FCP to CS5.5 upgrade and purchased CS5.5 on DVD via the Adobe website for the Mac.

Yesterday I purchased the CS6 upgrade via Adobe download but when I came to install it, CS6 refused to pick up on my CS5.5 install and also refused to recognise my CS5.5 serial.

I contacted Adobe support who told me than my CS5.5 was a "volume licence" and I was ineligible for an upgrade to CS6 as my CS6 was a "retail version" (but downloaded from Adobe), but in this case they would make an "exception".

I then had to enter an activation code sent by Adobe support. Then today I had to go through the entire process again to install on my main edit suite. I'll have to contact support each and every time I want to re-install to obtain a special code.

Now, here's my beef. My CS5.5 purchase was for 1 copy on DVD direct from Adobe. I had no idea about "volume licences" or "retail licences". I just plumped for the FCP offer and selected the best delivery method at the time via the Adobe store. Surely the idea of a "volume licence" for a single copy is slightly absurd in anycase let alone none of my documentation or DVD refers to it being a "volume licence".

Has anyone else had their CS5.5 serial rejected when upgrading? What did Adobe say to you? I'm genuinely concerned that in the event of any reinstall I'm relying on the "goodwill" of Adobe to offer me another activation code.

I'm also concerned other people may run into this problem and also be at the mercy of the "goodwill" of the Adobe support people.

I have put my thoughts in writing to Adobe UK, but I'd appreciate any thoughts or experiences you guys have had. Thanks.

Al Bergstein May 16th, 2012 04:35 PM

Re: CS5.5 to CS6 activation issue - CS5.5 serial rejected
Adobe sales seems a bit spotty. I upgraded, and explained that I wanted to switch my licenses. I have Pr on Windows 7, and the Suite on my Mac. I wanted to reverse that. First sales guy said, 'no problem', but when it came time to actually install product, the licenses failed, as I suspected they would. (the Mac would not take the old Windows serial number, nor would the Mac install with the serial number for Pr 6 that Adobe gave me.

The first sales guy told me that the product would install with the previous licenses no problem. But that just did not work that way. A second call to Adobe got someone who was great. He regenerated my serial numbers and they worked. Helped me through the issues and I now have Pr 6 installed on the Mac and the Suite installed on Windows. So my recommendation is: "Try again with a different sales rep." (G)

Robert Young May 17th, 2012 12:03 AM

Re: CS5.5 to CS6 activation issue - CS5.5 serial rejected
IMO, the bottom line is- you bought CS5.5, you bought CS6, and Adobe has records of both sales.
One way or the other, they will get your CS6 activated- just keep calling them :)

Marcus Durham May 17th, 2012 06:04 AM

Re: CS5.5 to CS6 activation issue - CS5.5 serial rejected
I've written a letter to Adobe UK to express my displeasure. I've spoken to 3 support people now but they just work from scripts. I get the same each time.

As someone pointed out to me, if it was an illegal download chances are it would work straight off. Actually pay for the product and you end up having these kinds of battles.

Now I'm not advocating illegal downloads for one second, but I would hope it might focus the minds of those at Adobe that they might need to improve their customer service a bit. We paying customers get treated like the criminals while the actual criminals have the happy experience of none of the pain of activation or dealing with Adobe support.

Bart Walczak May 17th, 2012 03:55 PM

Re: CS5.5 to CS6 activation issue - CS5.5 serial rejected
Marcus - we had the same issue with CS3->CS5 upgrade, but fortunately Adobe Support handled it correctly. I must have been lucky. I had to go on the phone with them, and they assisted with the installation. The serial was not accepted, but I got the proper code, and everything went fine.

However, this was Polish language support. It looks like they know more than your average English support guys...

Marcus Durham May 29th, 2012 06:57 AM

Re: CS5.5 to CS6 activation issue - CS5.5 serial rejected
Can finally update on this.

After I complained I was contacted by someone higher up in the Adobe support chain who agreed to issue me a new serial number.

Sadly though this meant I had to do a total removal and reinstall on both my desktop and laptop from scratch (including all plug ins etc). But at least I now don't have to worry about contacting support if I need to reinstall.

So if any of you hit this snag, request a new serial number straight away. Otherwise you'll find yourself re-installing a week later like I did.

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