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Paul R Johnson March 22nd, 2019 12:29 PM

.mov files read as audio only?
My main edit system - working normally for over a year, Adobe CC2018 suite. Just imported some files recorded today. Same as I do all the time. .mov files from a portable hard drive. They play as usual in my MacBook, and in my Windows PC they play on the Microsoft players, and in media encoder they work fine. However, in premiere they come in as audio only files??? They are the usual size - as in pretty big, but premiere will not put them on the timeline as video files and insists they are audio, and is happy to play the audio. No idea what is going on. As a stop gap media converter is now ploughing through a conversion to mp4 to get me working, but nothing has changed, so why all of a sudden they don't work. I brought them into premiere on the MacBook and that is happy. I figured a codec issue - but surely media encoder and windows must be using the codecs on the machine. What have I done?

Steven Digges March 24th, 2019 11:54 AM

Re: .mov files read as audio only?

A friend of mine called me yesterday and had the the same problem, except his were .mp4 files that suddenly had no image and .jpg files did not work ether. Weird......

I had him open a new project and drop the files into the blank timeline to let Adobe pick the sequence settings and they played. I know that should not have been necessary but it worked. His own settings had always worked before. One of Premiers strengths is the ability to adapt to just about anything you dump into a timeline. You might give it a try to save the file conversion. Adobe has a long history of strange bugs popping up. Sometimes they go away as quickly as they appear, sometimes they don't.

Kind Regards,


Gary Huff March 24th, 2019 01:19 PM

Re: .mov files read as audio only?

Originally Posted by Paul R Johnson (Post 1949736)
I figured a codec issue - but surely media encoder and windows must be using the codecs on the machine. What have I done?

They don't. Premiere has to support it internally. That said, what is the codec of the Quicktime file you are trying to import?

Paul R Johnson March 24th, 2019 02:47 PM

Re: .mov files read as audio only?
In honesty Gary - I have no idea, it's always just worked. However - I actually found a solution, and it seems to have cured in. Buried in prefs in media, is a tick box that was ticked enable hardware accelerated decoding. Unticking it has restored normal operation but rendering seems to take a little longer. This suggests that it's something outside premiere doesn't it? The computer is not using a clever video card - the one inside is running twin monitors but isn't on the list of approved ones - but this has never caused problems? I wonder if windows downloaded a driver update , and installed it and this caused it? Very odd.

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