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Robert Double January 8th, 2006 11:13 PM

PPro 2.0 release....
Looks like PPRo 2.0 will be released on the 17th Jan !


Miguel Lombana January 8th, 2006 11:46 PM


Originally Posted by Robert Double
Looks like PPRo 2.0 will be released on the 17th Jan !


Nice catch Robert, gotta say this is interesting though, the Adobe site here in the US makes no mention of 2.0 coming out in 1 week, this is only on the Amazon site in the UK but not the US site, and no news from CES about version 2.0, not to doubt it but wouldn't there be a little more hype 1 week before a launch?


Robert Double January 9th, 2006 01:47 AM

I totally agree Miguel.. I have been awaiting to hear news of the pending release of 2.0 but have heard nothing from Adobe or any other news information source. So I was quite suprised to find it on Amazon.....

The truth will prevail next week on the 17th :)

Also if you have a look on Amazon there is the new version of Audition 2.0 as well, and that actually has a product description listing some of the new features. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/...689527-4512411

After Effects is also scheduled for the 17th http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/...689527-4512411

Abel Vang January 9th, 2006 03:34 AM

looks fake
I clicked on the amazon link....and then i clicked on the image to enlarge it....and as i looked carefully i noticed that the letters on the left side of the box looked out of perspective. I'm no artist, but i know what perspective is and vanishing points and such and such.....just look at the letters on the left side....if it were an actual box with letters printed on the side....the fonts would be slanted a different way due to the angle that it is at......i don't know if anywone understands what i'm saying....but the images looked like anyone could've composed it.

Robert Double January 9th, 2006 04:44 AM

a lot of online shops put together holding pictures for products. It doesn't suprise me if Amazon does that as well.....

it's not uncommmon !!

Chad Huntley January 9th, 2006 12:47 PM

I can't find information on it anywhere else. Maybe the whole acquisition of Macromedia has been taking all the spotlight from their new line of products??? I hope?!?!

Alec Lence January 9th, 2006 01:11 PM

Being a gamer for the better part of my life I've always been used to seeing a game advertised with a release date at places like EB or Best Buy or Amazon before the Publisher's announce it or the developers even admit that the game has gone gold.

Until I see a PR from Adobe I wouldn't hold my breath.

Bill Ball January 15th, 2006 03:32 PM

I found considerable info on the Premiere Pro 2 suite here:


Gary Bettan January 15th, 2006 07:35 PM

guys - try to be patient. If the 17th is correct - it's just 2 days away!


Peter Jefferson January 17th, 2006 07:36 AM

i must say that PP2 behaviour seems surprisingly like Vegas....

nested timelines with AE compositions thrown into PP... hmm..
Weve been able to do that with Vegas for a while now... proxy up these Nested timelines for multiple compositions then any changes made are reflected in the project almost insantly.. Nothing new here im afraid......

Well adobe just put United Media out of business with this.. probably THE largest selling Premiere plugin to date was "MultiCam"
Good for Adobe users as they dont have to fork out the Dosh, but poor old united media now have nothing to live for... http://www.unitedmediainc.com/products/

Integrated DVD Authoring.. Liquid has had the ability to do this for over 18 month if not more.. then again, Encore would be the top tool of choice considering the investment made for THAT tool was not cheap... I dont see Encore fans ditching it to take on this route for authoring...

Effects.. cool, now were starting to look forward...
I like the idea of integrating "some" effects from AE into PP, then again if PP can perform these tasks alone, why not just include these effects in PP2?? Or are they tryin to get people to buy AE as well???
hmm.... I like the idea of GPU effects within PP2.. i dunno bout transitions though, but either way, rendering will get a nice (long awaited) kick in the backside (ie it will be faster to render)

Adobe HDV format... hmm.. native HDV editing... ooerr... or is this an intermediate format?? Not enough info...
Now i dunno how most people feel about editing native M2t's but i personally feel that Intermediate editing is a far better solution.. it might take a lil longer, but at least i can render and re-render elements as i go along my project without compromising quality...
Multiple renders with mpg formats... i dunno.. ive tried them all (NLEs i mean) and native m2t, just doesnt cut it.. unless of course its jst a basic edit... (i sell this kinda gear for a living and a majority of my clients are Premiere/matrox users, which is why i take an interest in everything... )

Titles... cool.. exporting titles works well... one thing that could be considered common sense though, would be to create one project file and have this one project house ALL the titles of all your projects..
This way all u have to do is copy and paste these Title clips into your new project as needed.
Now from memory, PP COULDNT open multiple instances, but Ive been doing this with Vegas for a while and have created a Project file which has everything i need.. I just take what i want and paste it in my new job and tweak it from there..
Hopefully PremPro2 allows for multiple instances to be able to do this.. AND to have this same copy/paste from project to project... saves ALOT more time than creating a database of titles which may not even be used... at least as a project, uve got ONE file with EVERYTHING on it...
We'll have to see how it works in the real world i guess...

Transparent video... hmm.. sounds rather like a video bus track from Vegas to me.. OR a parent child scheme but not in so many words... then again Vegas has 3 main ways of adressing/utilising filters... Clip, Track, Master Output... Are adobe trying to replicate the Track effect??
Seems so...

Remove unused...
LOL sorry but i have to laugh at this.. Vegas has had this for what, 3 years now?? Maybe more?? .... At the touch of a button too.. again with Adobe, we're left with menu clicking to take us to hell and back jsut to remove unused media... U know one of the reason why i DONT use PP on a daily basis is coz of the menus... cant stand them and theyre a waste of time

Adobe Media encoder.Looks (and rom the look of it, behaves) frightengly like ProCoder2. Thats no bad thing. Lets hope the codecs are clean...

10 Bit.. cool... not much more to say about that...

Adobe Bridge... useful for those needing to use anything and everythign adobe.. (i persoanlly dont.. )
i was using this with CS2 bundle though... pretty handy.. pity that Adobe patronise their users like this.. i mean all this kinda stuff can be done manually... come on, seriously.... how hard is it to open up ur photo app and run it alongside ur video app and do what needs to be done..
Do u really need Adobe to hold ur hand to do this??
As for AE compositions in premiere, THIS is where bridge does wonders IMO. Jsut throwing sequences back and forth DOES help. I like doing things manually though..
Media manager might come in handy though..

Audio Conforming.. heres hoping this element doesnt crash the app...

Change tape name... lol i cant believe this... Vegas Vidcap has always had the ability to do this.. and that program is hittin 5 yrs now i think... is it really THAT much of a big deal??
Obviously tape names are, but if it was THAT much of an issue, id say go and grab a copy of the cheaparsed vegas Studio and use vidcap from that.. even THATS got tape name changes..

Sequences... hmm.. *ears ring loud with the sound of Liquid

Now my comments may seem harsh as these features are obviosuly new for Prem users, but this is where alot of Prem users are falling behind..

These "new" features, really arent new at all... Most features and workflow chages have been leeched from other NLEs (which was to be expected) but the fact remains that if these "additions" were such an issue, then solutions have already been made available to the user, and if it means the user jumps ship, so be it.
To be honest with u, the most exciting thing about PP (and PP2 now that its been publicised) is the fact that it rips (and WILL rip) the **** out of everything when its jacked into an AXIO system.. Then again even a 5 yr Old Digisuite still kicks so its to be expected....
Hopefully Matrox will release an RTx100 type card for HDV.. I dont doubt this will happen but until then, PP2 really doesnt have anything that wasnt already available elsewhere... at a fraction of the cost...

Im sure some people will find these things useful. I know we'll sell hundred of copies and upgrade, but how long will adobe keep this up??
Wheres the media generator? Wheres the PROPER realtime 5.1 surround sound mixing/panning and encoding (without having the need to buy it) wheres the multicore/multithreaded rendering? Wheres the 3d track motion for those that cant afford AE? where are the audio tools?? or do i need to get Audition for that too?? More money?? Wheres the scripting? Wheres the "multi formats on a timeline" support?

hmm.. i thnk Adobe need to work out what the hell theyre doing... coz if this keeps going people wont have a choice BUT to jump ship.
I think theyre relying on their existing user bases ignorance. On top of that i DO know adobe arent puttin as much $$ into theyre R&D with anything else apart from Reader. Thats their biggest seller. No seriosuly 85% of adobe products sold is for adobe reader... so i can see the effects of this R&D resources being put into that while everythign else is neglected...

either way, PP2 is good news for PP lovers.
Hopefully well get a copy in our mitts soon to really get a taste for it... but to tell u the truth, i dont think i want to...

Pete Bauer January 17th, 2006 07:57 AM

Peter, please refrain from profanity (removed). Several people use "naughty" words routinely and it is wearying for moderators to come along after and clean up.

Regarding PPro, haven't seen any official literature as yet but it sounds like the comparison is "PPro vs all other NLE's and plug-ins put together." Hey, none of 'em do it all...don't see the point of cherry-picking selected info from limited pre-release documents or pre-reviews and comparing against all comers.

Peter Jefferson January 17th, 2006 08:49 AM

profanity?? oh THAT....


as for doing it all.. i totally agree.. this is what gets up my goat when fans are so adamant that their "tool is best" (i must say this is seen more from premier users than any other stable, sorry but its true. Vegas users come in a close second.. lol )
If everyone EXPOSED themselves to other tools out there, then the issues raised really wouldnt be issues...
I guess thats my point....

As for picking, well its the only info we have so far mate, and it was bound to happen. BUT... im just hoping that the "my tool is better than yours" argument doesnt start up again, this is why i pointed out these "new" additions up against the existing NLEs which offer the same thing.

i know that there are many Prem users out there who werent even aware of some of these points..

Kent Metschan January 17th, 2006 09:34 AM

I'd like to hear what people think about the $650 to upgrade for the production suite. It has been $400 in the past.

I guess you do get Illustrator now. It was in the original Production Bundle 2 years ago and then they took it out in CS. They had project trimming in the past, took it out in CS, and then put it back in 1.5 and called it a new feature. I can't find out though if Premiere will finally be able to capture audio channels 3 & 4 on your DV tapes. I have to use Scene Analyzer for that. Encore looks good!

Pete Bauer January 17th, 2006 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by Peter Jefferson
...im just hoping that the "my tool is better than yours" argument doesnt start up again...

Couldn't agree more! Everyone should see what each one does, and pick the one -- or more -- that is best for them. After the recent ugliness in the HD forums, I sure hope people keep the discussion here factual and polite now that a new NLE suite is hitting the streets. As everyone can probably tell, the Wranglers are edgy after all that...there are some itchy trigger fingers in TX!

Just got a quick glance at the main Adobe pages for the new version. Kent, on the cost, I guess I'd have to say I'm actually relieved about $650 for a Pro-to-Pro upgrade. With the addition of Illustrator, big feature additions mostly pointed toward serious HD production, and the unknown of what they were going to do with Macromedia product integration, I was afraid they were going to go into the stratosphere. Ain't cheap, but I'm sure I'll buy the upgrade after I get around to building my next computer (soon).

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