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Timofei Youriev February 10th, 2006 10:30 AM

Setting up scratch raid drives in Premiere 2
I have next configuration of hard drives for HDV editing:

1. 2 sata 200gb in raid 0 (windows xp x64 and programs)
2. two 400gb raid 0 sata drives (storage)
3. one 120gb ata (scratch drive for windows)

Now we have next files in Adobe Premiere 2:

Project files
Captured Video Video files
Captured Audio Audio files
Video Previews Files
Audio Previews Files
Media Cache Files (what is it for??)
DVD Encoding Files

Where should i place these in current configuration?
If my captured files located on one drive, then should i render to different drive or all of captured files stored in media cache files that i can store on different drive?

Sorry, i'm lost.

Jason Hamby February 12th, 2006 12:32 AM

I don't think Premiere requires a scratch drive setup the same way Photoshop might. Since I use the Project Manager in Premiere all the time to bundle finished projects, it just dumps everything into one folder anyways. So I don't even mess with separating the project elements.

I would re-think your hard drive arrangement however... here's my recommendation:
(drive letters are just my style)

c: = 10,000 RPM System drive for OS and Software Installs
v: = Raid-0 for current Premiere projects (captures, edit files, etc)
x: = Raid-1 for storage/archive of old Projects (this could also be external)

I would never put my OS on a raid-0. I've read the research as to why, just can't quote it for you. A standard 7200RPM works fine, 10K if you're hungry for a fast boot-up. I also highly recommend putting your storage on some kind of redundant drive.

I've never had a scratch drive for Windows, but I understand it helps.

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