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Michael Barrette March 14th, 2007 09:49 PM

Shoot in 24P - import in premiere via firewire?
I just finished watching total training, and they led me to believe that importing video shot on a canon in 24P high def would have to be imported into premiere 2.0 via a special cord and video card. Is this correct? Or can I just hook it in via firewire as I can with my current Sony camera? Not the most advanced question, but I've only used Sony's so far.

Will I have to do anything special to import, edit or export 24P High Def footage shot on this camera that I wouldn't have to do with my sony fx1?

and is there any problem mixing 24P footage with other HD footage shot on regular 29.97 frame rate on one project?


Kevin Dorsey March 14th, 2007 11:09 PM

24f can be imported using any firewire card, no special hardware is needed, although you will need a Canon HDV camera for capture as other cameras and decks can't read 24f. You can just use the A1, the HV10, or the soon to be released HV20. I haven't mixed different footage yet, but I'm assuming most editors will conform the 24f footage to 29.97, but probably through frame doubling. A better option would be After Effects or Cinema Tools, to add the correct pulldown to get you to 29.97. I'm sure someone else with chime in on this one.

Michael Barrette March 14th, 2007 11:40 PM


On the "I'm assuming most editors will conform the 24f footage to 29.97", I'm assuming two things from that comment:

1) When you do that, the 24F stuff will keep the 24 fps look even when the editor takes it to 29.97 to mix it up. So basically, the parts shot in 24f, will look 24f, and the parts shot in 29.97 will look 29.97.

2) You can take HV10/20 footage and mix it into the 24f stuff, and with proper software fudging, make the HV10/20 stuff look 24f and mix it in suitably.

Would you agree?

Also, I am not quite clear on how 24f is handled on various output formats. I assume if you burn to DVD a 24f project, it will stay 24f, but if you for example, get it ready for broadcast tv, then it has to be changed to 29.97. Is that correct?

Thanks for the help,

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