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Yev Belman April 14th, 2007 11:52 AM

Audition Premiere crossover
can someone explain how to get a project being developed in AE7 or PPro2.0 into Audition? I know there are a million different workflows out there and every body has their preference for editing, audio mastering, etc. I am just starting out and I can't get it just right when it comes to the steps which would give me the best flexibility and ease of edit. In one of my projects i have tried editing in PPro, exporting the audio (dialogs, ambient sound, no sound affects or background music, to be used in Audition). Import the project in AE, do more manipulations, fades, what-not. Then comes the audio nightmare. It's one single track, not separate tracks as they were in PPro project. So now i edit the audio, remove some noise, maybe add sound effects... although, i would much rather add effects in AE. Why wouldn't I, it has markers that i put as i preview. It's slow, yes. And from what i read AE is the wrong application to master audio. That brings me back to Audition. Do i write down my markers on a sheet of paper, go to Audition and add my effects (example car door shut at 1:13;23 ) ?
And now what happens when I decide to go back to the edit in the original PPro project and start mucking around with the project again?

How do you guys go it?

Steven Gotz April 14th, 2007 12:04 PM

I cut in Premiere Pro. I then bring the video into After Effects for any work that needs to be done there. I then bring that back into Premiere Pro.

The audio then gets exported one track at a time to be brought into Audition. I do what needs to be done then I export from Audition to Premiere Pro. I don't replace the original audio, I just mute it and use the new single track.

If I need to make changes, I can do it with the new track, or I can start over with the individual tracks.

I have been known to export it all out as separate tracks from Audition if I think changes will be likely.

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