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Matthew Jackson May 30th, 2007 07:52 PM

sound and or video draggin... ace...
I have a pretty powerful computer, but maybe my video card, and or sound card aren't up to the task of working in Premiere. Whenever I scrub through or play a sequence, the sound is a 1/2 second behind the video... and it gets worse as the timeline goes on... This doesn't transfer when exporting, but again when playing an exported file in Windows media player, there's static and skips as well... Any suggestions? Don't know if it's a video or sound problem....

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual
Core Processor 4600+
2.41 GHz 3.23GB of Ram

SOUND: Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit
VIDEO: GeForce FX 5500 128MB


Chris Soucy May 30th, 2007 09:11 PM

Hi Mathew.....
Sounds like you have two different problems. Can't quite remember where I've seen a fix/ work around for the out of sync sound, but don't think it's related to the second problem, which is the static/ skips on playback. Do you mean by "static" actual noise type static or something else?

I'm presuming your running Windows XP? Quite often one or more background operations can trip up Premier (and other editing software) by trying to use the same resource at the same time, leading to all sorts of gremlins.

I'm also assuming you aren't doing the following. If you already do it, then I can't help much.

Before firing up your editing software, do the following:

1. Right click on your Broadband/ Network icon (bottom right in system tray) and click on "Disable".

2. Click "Start", "Run" and type in "MSCONFIG". Hit enter.

3. Click on the "Startup" tab, click on "Disable All" and click "Apply".

4. System will tell you it needs to re - boot, do so. After the re - start it will come up with a message about fiddling with settings, just click "Cancel".

You now have none of the Startup programs running, no Anti Virus and no network.

Fire up you video app and see if any/ all of your symptoms have dissapeared. If they have dissapeared, job done. You will need to run your system in this mode in the future - you can, if you have the patience of Job, re - enable Startup items one at a time and see which one, exactly, is causing the problem (tho' it can be two in concert, which is very frustrating to find) but life's really too short.

If nothing has changed, ie. problem still exists, do check that all video/ audio/ MOBO drivers are smack up to date (do this anyway) and that there are no outstanding patches or updates for any of the software concerned.

If you still have the problem, I'm running out of ideas fast!

Oh, to get your system back to normal, go back to the Startup tab in MSconfig, click "Enable All" and away you go. You need to re - enable your network in Control Panel (Network Connections).

Good luck!



Matthew Jackson May 31st, 2007 06:57 AM

hey chris,

thanks for the help there. I installed an updated driver from Creative for my sound card, and helped tremendously. I'm going to keep testing everthing, and see if there's more I can do... but that really made a difference.

thanks for the advice!

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