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Stick Tully June 19th, 2007 08:02 AM

Can Premiere Pro 2 capture DVCAM footage (not just DVPAL)
Ive not used the format before and I recently captured some DVCAM footage into Premiere using my Sony FX1.. the camera doesnt shoot DVCAM but it does play it back.

I captured the footage as DVPAL and now wish to re capture it (using a deck) as DVCAM

my only options are:

Adobe HD-SDI
Adobe HDV
Adobe SD-SDI
DV - 24P

or to use the custom settings

is there anything i can do in premiere to get a dvcam capture setting up?

I hope somebody can help me


Ron Evans June 19th, 2007 12:09 PM

I believe there is no difference between capturing from your FX1 or a DVCam deck. Both will have supplied locked audio with a DV video stream to Premiere. In Premiere all audio is locked so there is no difference between DV or DVCam once it is in Premiere or any other NLE. The video stream is identical between DV and DVCam, data rate is the same but tape speed is faster by 50% giving more tolerance to dropouts and easier linear editing by decks and audio is locked. For NLE editing there is no advantage to DVCam other than in acquisition the audio is locked to video a requirement for linear editing which may also make mixing multi cameras a little easier to sync sound.

Ron Evans

Ervin Farkas June 19th, 2007 02:25 PM

Ron gave you the elaborated theory behind it all.

Yes, you can capture into PremPro, use the DV-PAL setting. There is no such thing as DVCAM format when it comes to audio and video; it's all DV.

DVCAM simply writes a wider track to the tape, for more stability, reliability... so your tape will only run 40 minutes instead of 60.

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