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Ben Hillier October 25th, 2007 02:28 PM

Connecting mixpre and 302
Hi there everyone. I'm shooting doc style stuff in about the streets of Colombia which means needing a low profile often. I want to get a mixer to improve my auido set up and for the time being the mixpre looks perfect for me, size/price wise. I know though that Ill be needing more than 2 inputs in other projects so have thought that after Ill be able to invest in a 302 and connect this with the mixpre. Seems like a good solution to have flexibilty with max number of inputs. How doable is this????? If this isn't recommendable I feel Id have to go with the ENG-44 right away, but that just looks to bulky for run and gun. Any experience with this set up??

Chris Soucy October 25th, 2007 04:48 PM

Hi Ben.........
The Sound Devices Mixpre and 302 are both highly recommended, and are "top of the line" units.

Your idea is eminently do - able, tho' there is a big hit pocket wise in the process.

If all you need initially is I/P for 2 mics then the Mixpre is the one to go for.

The ENG - 44 isn't in the same class but does give you 4 I/P's "up front" from the start, at the cost of larger bulk. It has an advantage over the MixPre/ 302 combo in that it's just the one box, and significantly cheaper.

The old, old saying in the computer business was "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM". Seems in video/ audio the saying is "Can't go wrong with Sound Devices".

Guess at the end of the day "you pay's yer money and takes yer choice".


Martin Pauly October 26th, 2007 08:35 AM


I have the SD302, and I love it. Yes, maybe I selected this model because I didn't want to take any chances - Chris is right in that I have not yet heard of anyone who regretted buying from SoundDevices, yet there are more affordable solutions out there that may serve you very well, too.

To answer your specific question, the SD302 has an input that can be hooked up to other SD mixers (including the MixPre) so that you can use those additional channels for your recording. With a MixPre and an SD302 hooked up that way, you'd have five input channels available.

You can download the SD302 manual and read about this to make sure it is what you have in mind:
Do a search for "mixer linking" in this document to find the section I am referring to.

- Martin

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