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Stelios Christofides December 26th, 2007 04:41 AM

All Round Microphone

I have searched these Forums for a General all round good microphone for my Sony FX7 camcorder and still can't make up my mind. Can anyone suggests a good all rounder budget microphone for me. Bare in mind that my camera has a stereo mini jack for audio input. One microphone that I have in mind is the Rode VideoMic; but is this mike a good all rounder mike to replace the built in one of the camera?

Happy Holidays

Chris Hocking December 26th, 2007 07:39 AM

Happy Holidays To You Too!

Firstly have a good read through "Things to Consider Before You Post"...


Then have a look at these posts:


You haven't given us much detail to work with Stelios! Budget? Are you willing to buy a mixer as well? Define "all rounder" a little bit more? What do you generally film? Where? The more detail the better!

Generally speaking shotguns on boom poles are quite good for outdoors. Hyper's are better suited for indoors. Wired lapels are good for some situations. Wireless can be suitable if you're a one-man-band, and you've got a presenter. Rode make some quality, yet not too pricey microphones. Attaching a Microphone onto a camera is NEVER the way to go. You need to get the microphone as CLOSE to the source as possible. That said, if you're only recording atmos, you may get away with it. Again, what are you filming? Do you have crew?

You've already asked questions about the VideoMic before:


What other SPECIFIC questions do you have?

Sorry I can't be of more help, but you haven't really given us a lot to work with!


Stelios Christofides December 26th, 2007 10:06 AM

Hi Chris and Happy New Year to you too.

Yes you are right that I have posted before about this. I just got a bit confused about using the microphone that comes with the camera and buying another one for replacement. What I generally shoot is event things like school shows , some weddings, general company presentations, christenings and some parties. Mostly indoor and occasionally outdoor. I know that it's better to connect to the audio set up if possible but sometimes its not possible. I am not a professional videographer but I do it part time for extra cash. I bought myself a BeachTek Dual XLR adapter DXA-4 and used it once to hook up my camera with the audio out of a sound system when I filmed a Christmas choir and it worked out well. In our weddings there is no need to use a microphone pinned to the groom as there is no talking in church only at the reception maybe you will have some speeches. Anyway sorry if i can not make myself more Specific as you said. I suppose I'll do some more "Search" here and find some answers. Oh my budget is not more than 200 Euro.

God bless you all
Happy and Healthy 2008

Chris Hocking December 26th, 2007 07:02 PM

I'm presuming you film all these events solo? If so, that rules out a boom pole with operator and a lot of different microphone options.

If you're just looking to "replace" your on-board microphone, then from reading your previous thread about the VideoMic, it looks like the way to go. Stop holding off (you've been thinking about it for four years now!) and just go and buy it!

That said, if you've ALWAYS got a BeachTek adapter connected then it might be easier to get a Rode Shotgun and put it on top of the camera and leave the Right XLR Channel free for hooking up into the desk. If you buy a VideoMic you'll need adapters to connect it to the BeachTek which could get in the way. However, if it's always either the BeachTek or the VideoMic, then you've got no problems.

If you've got the cash you could also think about purchasing a Sennheiser wireless kit. You could use a wireless hand-held microphone for any speeches, put a shotgun microphone on a PLUGPACK and put it in all kinds of places to get better ambiance that you would from on the camera, or purchase a beltpack and then you don't need to run wires to the audio desk. Keep in mind though wireless introduces a whole lot of potential problems...

Have a read through some of the Wedding Video forums. I'm sure they have some answers to your questions in regards to how they go about capturing good audio with only one person operating...

Stelios Christofides December 27th, 2007 01:02 AM

Thanks Chris for the info and advice.


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