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Dave Stern October 22nd, 2009 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by Corwin Garber (Post 916464)
If im gonna be working with only 2 microphones at a givin time, is there any reason why i should go Sound devices 302 over the mixpre? what are the differences?

Also, is it worth the mixer if i only have two tracks? Or should i plug the mics directly into a recorder?

Third, whats a solid recorder that can record 2 tracks of 24bit audio from xlr sources? around 1000?



I also like my tascam hd-p2, which I see oade bros also sells, although I have the unmodded version which has been great ($815 from B&H).. I can't compare that to the marantz for features since I don't know the marantz unit (that one looks nice too) but may be worth considering or comparing

Andrew Dean October 22nd, 2009 03:11 PM

I have a mixpre and while i dont *regret* the purchase, I do have a lustful eye out for more channels (but perhaps more than 3?) Although I think the mixpre will be relegated to a boom mixer/unit to rent out to noobs.

The most obvious issue is that once i got more than 2 mics, I couldn't mix them.

A more everyday issue is that the mixpre ONLY outputs line level +4 audio over the xlrs. If you have a camera/recorder that only takes mic level inputs, then you gotta buy pads and put them in line and its just clumsy and not ideal.

A pro in favor of the mixpre is the size/weight. Its significantly smaller and lighter than the 302. In its petrol bag, two sennheiser g2 receivers basically take up the full width of the bag.

The limiters in the mixpre/302 are magic compared to most camera inputs. When running 1-man-army mode, i often get a rough level on the mixpre then forget about it unless something major changes. It handles the random shout like a champ.

All that said, if you buy a 302... chances are extremely slim that you'll regret it.

Steve House October 23rd, 2009 08:52 AM

FYI - you can change the 302's ouput to mic level via the menu.

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