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Pietro Impagliazzo September 2nd, 2008 03:48 AM

Sound Isolation, AT4073 vs AT875.
I was checking again Dan Brockett's review of several mics (As I Hear It - Choosing the Right Microphone).

So I downloaded the samples that interested me, Male exterior, and I noticed that while the AT875 lacked a little bass, I could hear a LOT less BG noise than the AT4073.

I wouldn't expect that, because the AT4073 is a lot more expensive.

So, does that proceed? Did you guys get the chance of testing them side by side?

I sincerely could live with the little lack of bass the AT875 has, I'm thinking about selling my AT897 (that's really low output for me) and going from something with a better sensitivity, although I'm not sure if the difference would be that great (11va vs. 31va).

Please guide me on this matter, thanks a lot in advance.


Mike Peter Reed September 2nd, 2008 06:59 AM

"I'm not sure if the difference would be that great (11va vs. 31va)"

That should be very noticeable. However, be sure that your recording devices pre-amps can accept such a hot signal (for example a Marantz PMD660 is great with an AT897 but can't handle hot signals like the ME66 pumps out, it distorts).

Dan Brockett September 2nd, 2008 07:55 AM

Hi Pietro:

In the test, both of those ATs were set up in the exact same location, same voice, same recorder. I did notice that the AT-4073 is much more sensitive than the AT875. In fact, it was at least 3dB more sensitive than any other mic I tested. I tried to compensate for the level difference in the samples but even in reducing the level of the 4073 to match the others, I was struck by how more BG I heard through it.

I did purchase the AT875 and I must say that it continues to amaze me with how versatile it is and in how many situations it does a very good job in. It has become my go-to travel mic for it's size and price. Does it sound as good as my MKH-60? Not even close. But there are plenty of shoots that I do where using my MKH-60 is not as good of an idea.

For me, I prefer the sound of this very inexpensive mic over most of the other sub-$800.00 mics I have heard, it's that good. Of course, I use it camera mounted when I shoot EPK on sets, for which it is excellent and I use it on boom, for which it is surprisingly good. I must say that I really think that the AT875 is sort of a spoiler, it is such a great value for the money, I think every poor and low budget videographer/filmmaker should have one.

The 4073, while it is a fine mic, for me, it is only more useful and worth the triple the price for certain situations. If you record a lot of distant and soft spoken subjects, 4073 is great. If you are looking to reduce BG noise as your primary criteria, the 4073 is not the best choice.


Chris Swanberg September 2nd, 2008 07:46 PM

When you have some control over BG noise, the 4073 I swear can pick up a pin drop at 20 feet. That sensitivity comes with a trade off though..... very sensitive to all noise (handling especially). Still I love that mic.

Now Dan, you have me thinking about an AT 875... just for the ability to eliminate BG noise which I seem to find myself contending with now and then. JUST when I thought my sound setup was complete!!!

Teasing. Thanks all for your input on the AT875.

Oh and Dan, I'd still love to spend a day as your assistant for all that could teach me <g>.

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