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Darrell Hinton September 15th, 2003 10:34 PM

ME66 ; ME67 Question
I am looking to get a shotgun mic for my DVX100. I was thinking about getting either a Sennheiser ME66 or an ME67. I know that the ME67 is supposed to be for longer range sound. But I just wanted to know how good the ME67 is for close-up sound. Is it as good or better than the ME66 close range? Also, I was wondering if anyone had any audio or audio+video samples of something they had recorded with either of these mics posted on a web site or anything? I just wanted to get a feel for what the quality was like on these mics, because I am planning on shooting a short soon and I was considering one of these mics as I don't have sufficient funds to purchase anything better at this time. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Jay Massengill September 17th, 2003 08:43 AM

The ME67 (like most long shotguns) is a very specialized tool and the very narrow pickup pattern would be really limiting for most short film situations.
The ME66, if equipped and used properly with your specific camera should work well.
The two things to remember are: The ME66 is a very high output mic and can overload the camera when used in a loud situation. If used in a very loud situation, the mic itself can overload. This mic is really designed for picking up dialog and other relatively quiet sounds.
If used indoors in a reverberent location, the ME66 (like most short shotguns) is prone to off-axis coloration. Usually a hypercardioid or cardioid mic is used in these situations.

Darrell Hinton September 21st, 2003 05:05 PM

Thanks Jay, I will most likely be getting the ME66. Anyone else have any suggestions of a better mic for this price range, or is the ME66 probably the best for my needs (short films) in this price range? Thanks again.

Barry Rivadue September 21st, 2003 07:09 PM

I have the ME66, but also picked up the ME64 capsule for more omni-pickup and ambient sounds, when dialogue is not the main thing.

Marco Leavitt September 22nd, 2003 02:52 PM

How do you like that ME64? I've been looking at it as well. Does the sound mix well with the ME66? I'm also thinking about getting the ME65.

Barry Rivadue September 23rd, 2003 07:31 AM

I haven't put it to a significant test yet, but will eventually at a planned event where live music will be played.

Shawn Mielke February 19th, 2004 04:08 PM

This is an old thread, but I'm curious, Barry, how you've been getting on with your me64. I just got one and am reading up.


Nawaf Alali February 20th, 2004 12:20 AM

I've got ME66, ME67 and MKE102 (Lav). I mostly use ME67 for 2 reasons:
- ME66 can sometimes pick up background noise if the enviroment is busy.
- ME67 has more range, so the boom man can stand from a distance.

Because ME67 is too narrow, it will be difficult to record a conversation between 2 people (u have to keep switching mic's direction). ME66 is better in these situations.

Nawaf Alali February 20th, 2004 12:21 AM

oh.. I just noticed it's an old thread. you probably bought the mic already :D

Dave Largent February 20th, 2004 03:45 AM

I've read recently on another forum where the 64
is better indoors than the 66 -- bit fuller sound
with less reverberation. The jist of it was that
the 64 is under-appreciated. One guy who
has both said his first choice is the 64; he only
goes to the 66 if the 64 doesn't work out.

Barry Rivadue February 20th, 2004 08:33 AM

I've been using the ME64 more frequently for indoor interviews, particularly if at least two people are involved and/or music is played, such as at a gala or something. I use the ME66 as general purpose outdoors, though I still sometimes use the ME66 for indoor dialogue if it's just a one-to-one interview in a quiet area.

Matt Stahley February 20th, 2004 10:18 PM

Barry or any 64 users do you use the 64 on cam or boom?

Dick Steele February 20th, 2004 11:20 PM

Can anyone tell me if the me66 shows up in the frame when using a dvx100?

Dick Steele

Dave Largent February 20th, 2004 11:37 PM

On camera. Works fine there.

Barry Rivadue February 22nd, 2004 01:33 PM

I have used the ME64 on both cam and boom, depending on my need for mobility.

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