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Jean-Philippe Archibald January 16th, 2004 03:03 PM

Schriber Acoustic SA-568 Dual Mode Shotgun

I would like to have opinions of users about that mic. I have found past threads about it where users have reported some hiss problems. Perhaps NRG have addressed this?

I like the fact that you can use it can be used cardioide or hyper cardioide. I am planning to use it with an XL1 and the MA-100.

Is it a good buy? How it compare against an Azden SGM-1X or 2X ?


Jean-Philippe Archibald January 18th, 2004 06:37 PM

So there is nobody who has experience to share about this microphone?

Bryan Beasleigh January 18th, 2004 06:55 PM

I have no experience with the Schriber and i've heard absolutely nothing about it. I do know that you can do a lot better than the Azden and I suspect the Scriber would be in the same catagory.

AT is a professional mic and quite reasonable. The new AT8097 and the old 8035 are excellant shotguns. Some excellent cardoid and hypercardoids are the Rode NT3, the AT 3031 or an Oktava MC012 kit. For about $285 Can or less you can buy a kit with a preamp capsule and an Omni, cardoid , hypercardoid and 10 db pad.
You can buy the oktava or rode from www.AVR.ca for the same or less than buying from the US. You also pay no provincial sales tax, just GST.

The oktava requires phantom so maybe the NT3 would be best. Do a search on these mics. they've been discussed a lot.

Jean-Philippe Archibald January 18th, 2004 07:26 PM

Thank you for your awnser Bryan!

The Oktava seem to be a great mic but the lack of battery power is annoying. I will use the mic with my XL1 and the Ma-100 and I don't want to buy a mixer with phantom power. But theses interchangable capsules and the weight (70g) are really great. And it can be found on eBay for about 100$ CDN (with only one capsule probably). Are there inexpansives ways of supplying power to a microphone without using an external mixer?

And please, what is the use of a preamp capsule and a 10 db pad ?

Bryan Beasleigh January 18th, 2004 09:10 PM

I'd be wary of any deals on ebay for the Oktava. There are a lot of QC rejects floating around.

The preamp is what interfaces the microphone capsule to the audio system. The capsules screw onto the preamp. The 10DB pasd is simply a small cylinder that fits between the preamp and the capsule that attenuates the mic by 10 db.

Better ways than the MA100 include

The BeachTek DXA6 this supplies phantom but no preamplification

The new BeachTek DXA8, this supplies phantom, has limiters and preamplification.

Carlos, one of our members, owns this company. he has offered a discount to DVinfo members.

Sound devices have a single channel mic pre http://www.sounddevices.com/products/index.html#preamps

Jean-Philippe Archibald January 18th, 2004 09:30 PM

Thanks again Bryan,

But I already own a MA-100 and I don't want to pay 200-300$ for another adaptor.

What do you think about using the Oktava with the MA-100 and a Phantom power supply like this one ?


Bryan Beasleigh January 18th, 2004 10:18 PM

I don't know anything about that product but a low cost phantom power supply would certainly be a way out.

Looking at their web site i'd say to go with the PSC or AT unit. Just a hunch.

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