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Chris Simmons January 26th, 2004 12:30 AM

I need to capture audio from multiple sources...Samson Airline kit and Mackie mixer
Hi I am very weak in audio. I am going to video an event and will have to get audio from several mics that will be used by many speakers and solo singers as well as a group of backup singers. The facility does have a Mackie mixer available....(I have never used a mixer in my life). The have all mics wired into the Mackie Mixer eccept one which is wireless. The Mackie goes back out to the speakers so the live audience can hear. I need to get the sound to my camera (XL1s)...I have the Samson Airline lav and handheld kit on same channel. How do I do this WITHOUT the HISSING!

I tried to connect my transmitter to the mixer's headphone output using a 1/2" phone jack adapter but could barely hear the audio due to extradinary hissing. then tried to connect to the transmitter to the tape out connectors and till got hissing...though it was lower.

Here is a pic of the output/inputs of the Mackie.

Thanks for the help.


Audio Newbie

Douglas Spotted Eagle January 26th, 2004 12:49 AM

First, don't use the headphone out of the Mackie, use one of the auxes, this will also give you the ability to mix a separate mix for your XL1. Second, if you've never mixed, I'd recommend having someone with you who has.
The hiss is likely due to a mismatch between the Mackie and your cam, or could also be a bad headphone out. The aux will output at line level, so you'll need to adjust your inputs on the XL1 accordingly. You'll need an adapter. What is the distance from cam to mixer? If you are running high impedance line for long distances, this too could be responsible for hiss. If you are running lines longer than about 12 feet, you're going to incur hiss without balancing the cable.

Chris Simmons January 26th, 2004 01:06 AM

Douglas, thanks for the quick response.

I was standing about 2 to 5 feet from the mixer while testing it. I am using a wireless transmitter to send the sound from the Mackie to the receiver connected to the camera. I am hoping I can do it this way without having to buy any additional wires to save money. If it is not possible to get a no hiss sound using wireless, then I would have to try other methods.

Douglas Spotted Eagle January 26th, 2004 10:28 AM

Chances are that the Mackie is outputting line level, and the wireless is needing mic level, and therefore, you don't have enough signal to noise hitting the transmitter. Does the transmitter have a mic/line switch inside it? The AT wireless units do, but some don't, I'm sure. Kicking the output to mic level with probably fix the issue.

Chris Simmons January 26th, 2004 11:58 AM

My transmitter doesn't seem to have an option of line or mic out....but the receiver that I connect to the camera does. Think that may be the problem? I never set it to line....that just may be the ticket. I'll try that later this week. I'll still be checking this board for any other suggestions before and after I go try the line option on the receiver.

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