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Matt Gettemeier January 26th, 2004 02:32 PM

Does anybody have experience with an SM86 or Beta 87c?
I want to get the exact mic that you see used on Comedy Central Presents and in many other stand up routines. I'm leaning towards a condenser for the ability to work proximity... but I'd like it to fill the role of a newsmic when needed.

Basically I need something handheld to pop onto my Lectro plug when I need a wireless handheld.

I want a mic with low handling noise and I'm already familiar with the AKG d230... If the Shure option doesn't happen I'll get the AKG.

I'm under the impression that the Shure condensers are more detailed and sensitive then the dynamic stick mics and I'd like some input regarding that.

Also if anybody knows FOR CERTAIN what mics are used in the stand up you see on Comedy Central I'd like your input. I know what mics I THINK I'm seeing/hearing, and I know what ones they're PROBABLY using... so as far as commenting on that I don't really need somebody to say, "It's probably a Beta 87 or an SM86..."

Ideally somebody with experience in this area can tell me EXACTLY and for certain what mics are used and WHY... Thanks!

Douglas Spotted Eagle January 26th, 2004 06:15 PM

I can't comment on what Comedy Central uses, since I've never seen the show.
Lots of experience with the SM 86 though.
Condenser or dynamic doesn't really relate to proximity effect. Most ball-head mics have/offer proximity effect. Condenser mics generally are more sensitive to sound pressure, but they also can have higher handling noise.
I'd find it very hard to agree that Shure mics are more sensitive than any one else's condensers, but absolutely agree that most condensers are more sensitive than dynamics, due to the constant as a result of the applied power.
As to what mics are used where and why, that's an entire novel in itself, and extremely subject to opinion. Where I might say, "Use only a shotgun mic for great V/O's, you'll find opinions that lav's stick mics, or kick drum mic's such as the RE20 are exclusive for use as a V/O. Where I might only use a BK 4001 on an acoustic guitar, there are others that might use an SM57 and absolutely love it.
They vary in personality, response, and flavor, your question is marginally like asking an artist for what colors they use and why. There have been some industry "rules" but as others such as my self come along, my response to most of those rules is to say "Bull s@#$!" and do my own thing.
When Mix Magazine interviewed me regarding my first Grammy nomination and I responded that I'd used AT 831b's for the recording, the guy told me "We can't print that! No one is going to believe a 75.00 mic was used in this recording." Well....With the right preamp, the right ear, and good processing and editing, anything is possible.

Matt Gettemeier January 26th, 2004 10:10 PM

I appreciate your insight DSE... I think we're lucky to have somebody like you with a big hand in our forum.

Perhaps I should have said that I'd like to find a sensitive and very good sounding mic that "sounds" like a condenser. I had an NT3 but found that I couldn't use it as a newsmic because it's really touchy with handling noise. I had an m58 and I found it pretty hard to work the proximity like I could with the NT3.

Basically I'd like to get something that's as dead as my m58 was, but with the sound of the NT3 or better.

I thought the Beta series Shure mics may meet that requirement... but I'm getting tired of buying mics and selling or returning them a week later... so I hoped somebody could help me out.

On any national broadcast comedy routine you see the wireless mic that appears to be a Shure Beta or SM86 with transmitter... at least it has the profile of one of those mics.

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