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Bryan Beasleigh March 7th, 2004 01:42 AM

New Beach Tek DXA8
I posted this in a thread below tonight and didn't want the info buried, so i'll put this in it's own thread.

I've had the oportunity to do a test on the BeachTek DXA-8 and it could be what you're looking for. It's $370 at B&H has -10 to +15 db of gain with two XLR inputs, each with with 48 volt phantom and limiters. Output is to 1/8 stereo right angled mini jack.

It's a lot smaller than the mixers we talked about and will mount to the tripod pad under your camera. There is a tripod mount under the Beach so it can still be mounted as a complete assembly. It's pretty heavily built and operates on one 9 volt battery. It output a mic level only at -35 db.

I've tested it with an AKG D230 dynamic, a schoeps, Oktava MC012 and the ME66. For the Oktava and Schoeps I needed 50 - 55% gain on the Beach and 20% on my VX2000. The Dynamic needed 75% gain on the Beach and 40% on the VX2K.

It's not a Sound Devices mixer but it certainly delivers all it advertises.

Dave Largent March 7th, 2004 02:51 PM

Hi Beas,
So you feel the +15 dB is adequate for most all
It's about time someone came out with something
like this. It's really not that bad a price for
what it offers.
How's the weight on that? Does it seem light or does
it seem heavy?
Any specs on the limiters?

Bryan Beasleigh March 7th, 2004 04:40 PM

The weight is 16oz and the limiters are fast. With my gain set so the signal hits -12 the limiters didn't even kick in.

Aaron Koolen March 7th, 2004 05:44 PM

Bryan, have you tried the PSC DV Promix 3 by any chance and if so how do you think it compared? I understand it doesn't fit under the camera, but I'm sure something could be made for it.

My sign video adapter has got one channel all buggered and of course it doesn't preamp, so I'm looking around for a possible replacement.


Bryan Beasleigh March 7th, 2004 07:53 PM

At 2 lbs and 10"X6" X1 1/2" , you want to strap that where??????????????

There is a price to be paid for size and convenience. It takes engineer skill and it cost's more to miniaturize something.

The Mix pre is $200 more built like a brick outhouse and 5.5"X3 1/2X1.7"

The Beach is more basic but is 5.25"x 3.25"x 1.25" and it screws to the bottom of your camera. This is not a discussion of apples to apples here.

It boils down to convenience and what would you like to pay for it.
If someone doesn't want to pay the premium they don't have to .

They can strap a full size Rolls, Art or Behringer to their backs and trail a long extension cord. No one will ever convince me that you can buy a mix board with that many pots and sliders and jacks, for that little and still have the same quality. (We are talking low end DJ mixers)

There again this is my opinion only'

Dave Largent March 7th, 2004 09:12 PM

The MixPre is how much?

Aaron Koolen March 7th, 2004 09:18 PM

I understand the size thing, it's twice the size of the Beach (And 1 lb according to their manual), but still, with a mounting bracket I don't think it'd be that much of a hassle for still stuff like interviews etc and not huge like a music mixer. Handheld, agreed, wouldn't go near it unless it was in a bag or belt. It seems to have good audio specs, metering, monitoring and provides both line and mic level out. And of course 3 audio inputs.

Anyway, topic was the BeachTeck I guess.


Bryan Beasleigh March 7th, 2004 09:27 PM

Dave, that was a typo. Should have read $200 more. It's $700 vs $500 for the PSC. Sorry about that.

I can send you clips of the beach vs the 302 vs direct to VTR through the 302.

edit: I have sent you 3 clips

Frank Granovski March 7th, 2004 10:01 PM

Here's the Beachtek link for the DXA8:


Aaron Koolen March 7th, 2004 10:17 PM

Bryan. Thanks for those. By direct to VTR, what do you mean? Into your modified camera, through the VTR inputs?


Douglas Spotted Eagle March 7th, 2004 11:04 PM

But what happens with the gain set to turn over at -6? Seems like there would be a lot of noise, if it's only -15dB worth of gain? No sense in throwing that many bits away if you don't have to...
I'd surely like one to review for DV and DMN, Videocamera, and Pixel....Harry, hint, hint..

Bryan Beasleigh March 7th, 2004 11:09 PM

My camera isn't modified yet. Recording through the VTR audio terminals (RCA's), all of the camera preamps are bypassed. That's what the BBC mod does.

Bryan Beasleigh March 7th, 2004 11:11 PM

You can bet it was mentioned. I'll copy you on a followup email.

What do you mean "gain set to turn over"?

The Beach acts as a booster and at mic level. Properly setup there shouldn't be any noise. For the Oktava which is 10 mv/pa I set the VX2000 at 20% gain and the beach at 55% (average -12db) with limiters on the signal never reached 0 db

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