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Jacques Mersereau March 29th, 2004 09:14 AM

MK41 price hike 4/1/04
Thanks to Mr. Beasleigh's advice, I called Posthorn and ordered a
brand new Schoeps MK41, CMC6 and a Cut#1 kit. About $1640
delivered to my door.

The price hike is April 1, 2004 and will be a 15% increase.

I love the sound of this mic!

Bryan Beasleigh March 29th, 2004 11:49 AM

What are your thoughts on the Cut1? I'm using the built in high pass on mt Sound Devices gear.

Jacques Mersereau March 29th, 2004 12:02 PM

Hey Bryan,
actually, I've been so swamped here at work that Christi got to
be the first one to use the mic. We put it into the same blimp
we use with the 416. The day was fairly breezy, but she had
no issues with wind noise.

Jerry Bruck of Posthorn strongly recommended purchasing the
Cut #1 for our purpose (wildlife recording on quiet marshes).
The Cut #1 has a "brick wall" 24db of cut @ 70 hertz and
features 5 adjustable clicks of roll off ending at 600hz. Also, because it is
active, the Cut #1 also provides an extra 5db of gain. That's a nice
feature when using the passive Beachtek DXA-6 and low SPL.

Funny, Jerry said that a customer brought in his MK41 rig the other day
and he noticed the guy had the cut #1 set at 600 hz. He was about
to chastise this customer, but when asked why he had it set that way,
the guy told him he had been recording in a sand storm . . . good answer!

Bryan Beasleigh March 29th, 2004 01:27 PM

What was the outcome of Christi's audio. How does it compare to the 416 in a "wildlife" situation. I'm still holding off on a new short shotgun. In a few trial situations the MK41 outshone the CS-3

There seems to be totally different schools of thought emerging. Those that use the shotgun for everything and those that only use it as a last resort.

I'm starting to feel that the only thing better than an MK41 is 2 MK41's ;-)

Jacques Mersereau March 29th, 2004 01:53 PM

I hope to have some examples of the 416 vs. the Schoeps vs the Neumann.
Probably won't be for a few weeks.

First impression, the MK41 does not have as much of the "tractor beam"
like pull of the 416 (but I wasn't there for this first tryout), but the overall
sound is smoother and richer (which would figure). The MK41 was more
large capsule sounding like our Neumann USM69i.
The 416 (I think) is brighter and more hallow sounding. Probably more
noise as well.
When we can get up north and away from all the human interference, we'll get a better idea.

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