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Michael Rosenberger April 2nd, 2004 09:22 PM

A fun event with a few problems
I got a call weeks back asking if I would run sound for a John Kerry rally here in Phoenix. I said sure, and had the added delightful bonus of hearing that Steven Stills from Crosby, Stills, and Nash (Youg too, I guess) would be playing. Had great time running the event, but had a few issues during the show (one being I had walking pnemonia). Had a few pictures too :)

This is of my partner Dave (called in after a day of shovelling 10 tons of river rock) and myself before show.



Here is Steven Stills performing




Next was John Kerry and his wife.


Here the simple setup!


Had a lot of fun doing the event. Few things were off :

- One bad direct box durning the second song dumped on us and made Stevens guitar disorted for a minute. His guitar tech nailed it down quick and we were good to go. Not sure what happened, but we are thinking the boards phantom power is incorrect. Have to put a meter to it.

- We also had a few cell phone interferences with our wireless mic system (I'm learning Nextel is notoriously bad!). The first mic crapped out in the middle of Kerry's speech, but we swapped it quick and we were good to go. A little sweat, but I always have a second wireless backup AND a wired backup if all heck breaks loose. Ened up finding out it was one of the vent coordinators using his phone right in front of the Sony Antenna paddles. He was quickly asked to take calls outside :).

Got cudos from everyone, so obviously it wasn't too bad.

Biggest thing I learned - Even with several powered EON's, a few racks of various amps, Concert Series JBL cabinets and more I could have used more sound. This was the first political rally I have ever done and they are louder than any concerts I have worked.

Bryan Beasleigh April 3rd, 2004 01:39 PM

Pretty impressive Michael. Was that pitchers as in pitchers of beer. I could figure out the relevence of a few pictures.

Michael Rosenberger April 3rd, 2004 06:39 PM

LOL! Some of the picture were just fluff, but it was a copy and paste from another post I made and didn' t feel like editing it. Just for fun really.

Thanks :)

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