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Bryan Beasleigh April 10th, 2004 09:06 PM

Which NP1 battery chemistry is best for my audio gear
I have 2 Sound devices mixers and a PMD 670 recorder. My field monitor also has a 12volt DC option. Which Chemistry is best?

1. I'm looking at voltage requirments
2. Battery life(number of cycles)
3. Cost
4. Convenience

The PMD670 needs 13 volts but no less than 11volts A 12volt NP1 will discharge to 10 volts so that presents a problem.

The ideal would be a 13.2 NiCad, for the PMD670 at any rate. I haven't checked the specs but I imagine the monitor would be similarly effected.

The Sound Devices 302 or Mix Pre aren't fussy, so long as it's more than 5 volts and less than 18.

Most chargers are dual Chemistry, NiCad and NiMH. the reliability edge apparently stays with the Nicad. the NiMH is lighter but prone to self discharge. left unused it will lose it's charge.

The Li-Ion seems to have everything going for it except cost. The NP1 batteries are 2 to 3 times the cost but have almost 2/3 more capacity. They aren't good in a high discharge situation like lighting.

The cost of chargers is another matter. There was a low cost IDX charger for Nicads only. They were built for a promotion and B&H bought a ton of them . Now they're out of stock and I'm doubtful they'll be able to get any more.

The IDX I 200 will charge and/or condition 2 batteries sequentially. the I 200 is good for NP1 of either NiCad or NiMH chemistry as well as BPstyle batteries. the charger is auro sensing for charging and conditioning as well as input and ouput volyages. This charger is aprox $270 on the street.

For an extra $100 you pichup the Li-Ion battery type as well. this charger will also accept a cable to charge the newer endura line.
($370 street)

Basic pricing for the batteries is
IDX NP1,12 volt , 29 watt hours - $60
Aspen NP1, 13.2 volt 25 watt hours - $70
IDX NP1DX, 13.2 volt, 32 watt hours, c/w charge status leds - $90
Aspen NP50, 13.2, 50 watt hours, status leds - $100
IDX NPH50DX. 13.2 volt , 50 watt hours, status leds- $105
IDX NP-L50S 14.4 volts, 50 watt hours, 3 status LED's - $160

There are more but the prices get silly.

So WhaddaYouThink?????????????????????????????

Don Berube April 10th, 2004 09:26 PM

Hey Bryan,

The Aspen NP50, if you can get one, is your best deal I think. For what it is worth, I have an extra Aspen ROQ-1000 single NP charger which I would be willing to sell. It's basically never been used, still in original packaging. If you are interested, shoot me an email.

I'd also be interested in trading for a good voiceover mic, should you be interested. We just moved into a new office/ editing suite and I'm looking to set up a VO booth.

I'm still torn as to which mic to get though! You seem to have a good deal of experience with the many large diaphram mics out there! Also looking for a good tube mic pre.

Best regards,

- don

John Hartney April 10th, 2004 10:06 PM


I use idx nimh 50 watt np1's... they last a long time.

Any np1 charger with delta v algorithms will work to charge them.

The lion batteries are nice, but a lot more expensive for the batteries and the charger.

I put four 50 watt idx np1s in service three years ago and they are still working fine. You can get more info on battery chemistry at the idx website:


Don Berube April 10th, 2004 10:11 PM

IDX makes awesome stuff.

I use the IDX Endura 50 batts for my cameras and I was amazed at how long they last.

- don

Oleg Kaizerman April 12th, 2004 01:18 AM

the new li ion cells are 20% more cappasity , you can find np-1 which 60-65w already ,
the problem with small li-on for camera that if you suck more then 65% ones you are ruine the cells , for thos who use light and amera on the same battery the indura 50 is a waist of money( it waist of money any way when you can buy swit 130W in the same price)

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