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Dave Frank May 20th, 2004 02:49 PM

Mic selections for Feature
I am currently revving up for production on my feature film and am a little stuck with how I am going to record the audio. I was hoping someone hear could give me a little direction. I am not a newbie or anything, but just don't know what would be a great selection.

I purchased a shotgun mic a couple of years ago(when I didn't know much) and was expecting something more directional. It is the AT835b. It is a Line+Gradient mic.

For this production I was thinking about going with a completely wireless system with lav mics for the actors to eliminate the need for a boom. I cannot figure out a way to do this cheaply though.

I am thinking that I should sell off the AT835b and picking up a more directional mic. Any suggestions? I am looking for something under $400.

If I went with a wireless system, I have access to several lavs, but not transmitters or receivers. I don't know if I am able to buy the components. I can't spend more than about $500 on all that.


Mike Rehmus May 20th, 2004 09:34 PM

The AT is fairly directional. If anything, I'd look at a good Cardiod, rather than going more narrow.

You don't want to attempt Lavs on a production. Really. Major PITA and they just don't sound as good as a close-in microphone on a boom. I personally think a $100 boom microphone sounds better than the affordable lavs.

You will no doubt get plenty of suggestions for boom microphones. You might also consider going to a pro sound shop and talking with them and sampling the equipment. It is a real eye-opener to listen to different microphones in the same environment.

Dave Frank May 22nd, 2004 09:34 PM

Thanks for the input Mike. I am really interested in picking up a Sennheiser ME66 with the K6 capsule.

I have a Gitzo fishpole and would need a shockmount for the mic. I saw a $30 dollar one that BH called a best seller(for obvious reasons). But I would like to know if you guys feel that it's important to spend a good 60 bucks on a shockmount for a DV production.

Bryan Beasleigh May 22nd, 2004 10:11 PM

decent shock mounts include

The AT8415 for $50. An old standby and it works great. I own one and I like it.

PSC small works great and very simple design- $55
there are two sizes for about thesame money




Anything else in the "decent" catagory is double the price or more.
A lot of people swear by the little PSC

For 110- $122 you have the K-Tek. This is a really nice mount. I use it with my Schoeps and Oktavas.



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