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Nick Reed June 8th, 2004 12:56 AM

Sony MDR7506 vs. Sennheiser HD270
Well, after reading related posts, I have narrowed my headphone choice to the Sony MDR7506 vs. Sennheiser HD270 (both approx. $100).

I will be using these with a VX2100.

Which would you recommend, and why?

Matt Stahley June 8th, 2004 02:37 AM

Both great sets. The Sonys are built like tanks and sound great and seem to be an industry standard.

Jay Massengill June 8th, 2004 11:21 AM

I don't see a description of the 270, although I use both the 280 and the 7506.
Acoustically the 280 is better and it has more isolation from outside noise. The 7506 is more comfortable, especially if you're working outside, wearing a cap etc. The 7506 also folds up much smaller than the 280 can fold up. The 280 is really a much larger studio-styled headphone.
Is it really the 270 and were is info on that model?

Jacques Mersereau June 8th, 2004 07:40 PM

I own and have recommended 7506 for a long time. The cool thing with
7506 phones is that many many people have them. Some benefits of that:

They are the pro standard so you can relate with other engineers as to
how they perceive new releases, your mix, etc. Apples to apples. If you
ask a colleague if your mix is a bit bright (and you both use 7506), then you
can actually listen to his answer. Otherwise forget about it.

Much like Yamaha NS10M studio monitors, the chances of running into situation where someone has a pair plugged in and working is high.
You can listen and tell what's going on WITHOUT having to bring out
your (Sennheiser/AKG) phones and make the swap.

7506 are efficient. That means higher volume off of camcorders and
tape machines with whimpy headphone amps. I've had some phones
that simply do not get loud enough in high volume situations.

Matt Gettemeier June 8th, 2004 10:01 PM

I had the previous model of the 270 as well as two other Sennheiser headphones over the last 10 years... so that's 3 pairs so far. I'm a big fan of Sennheiser gear... phones and mics.

THAT SAID you'd be NUTS to not go with the Sony 7506s... don't question this choice at this price-point. If this were a MUSIC forum I may give you a different answer, but it's a VIDEO PRODUCTION forum... There is a reason the 7506 is the de facto choice of Hollywood. Sure there are phones that do one thing or another better, but there are NO 'phones that offer a better balance of features THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO VIDEO PRODUCTION... AT THIS PRICE... PERIOD.

I've seen a lot of these headphone threads and there's always somebody who chimes in and points out the $250 and up IEM (in-ear monitors) and other primo choices... or else there's people defending $50 headphones as equals...

Trust me on this one. I've owned around 8 different pairs of headphones over the years and I've listened to a lot more...

What you get with the 7506 is a pair of phones that are industry standards. You see them EVERYWHERE... Personally I actually even prefer music through the Sony's over any of the sub-$100 Sennheisers! The 7506s fold up into a super-tight little ball. They isolate pretty well. They are WAY more efficient then the Sennheisers... If you get the Sennheisers you'll crank your headphone volume ALL the way up and still have problems hearing details. With the 7506s that will never happen... they could blow out your eardrums with a tiny mp3 player... Your camcorder will drive 'em FINE. They also have a slight presence peak in the vocal range which helps monitor dialog.

All in all I can't recommend the 7506s ENOUGH for VIDEO WORK.

After hearing and comparing all my headphones I gave away TWO different pairs of Sennheisers to friends... I like the Sony's THAT much... and that's NO lie.

Of course Jay M. up there is no stranger to production sound... so if he enthusiastically recommended another choice I'd keep my mouth shut... I guess I should have added the fact that I drive my headphones from my DVX and occasionally from a Lectro receiver... so if you'll be running these out of a mixer or something OTHER then your camcorder the extra efficiency of the 7506s isn't as big of a deal... BUT...

I'll bet when you see a pair of these folded up ALMOST small enough to put in your pocket the Cupid of Gear will get you with an arrow... you'll see.

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