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Matt Gettemeier July 7th, 2004 04:27 PM

Why keep your me66 once you have better?
There are only a VERY few of you who can really even comment on this... Ken T is the only one I'm sure of... but there may be others.

Like many DV shooters I got an me66 a few years ago. Most of us have probably read the shotgun shootout between the Azden, AT, and me66... the shootout where the me66 was the most expensive shotgun.

When I read that comparo I felt compelled to get the "creme of the crop"... as it were... and go with the one that they said is mainly for FULL pros and well-paid ENG types. Basically they made it sound like a $350 mic was high-dollar... and at that time I agreed.

Well it's a few years later and since then I've had a lot of mics, including the me66, and AT cheapy, and the AT4073a... When I got the 4073a I IMMEDIATELY put the me66 on ebay. The 4073a SMOKES the me66. Now I'm upgrading again to the mkh416...

My question is this... why would anybody with better shotguns keep their me66? Is it sentimental? Are there ANY times when you'd reach for the me66 over the 4073a or an mkh416? (I'm NOT referring to times when you think a mic may be damaged... I'm only referring to getting the best RESULTS.)


Jay Massengill July 7th, 2004 04:40 PM

Oh well, you knocked out the main reason... The other reason would be when I need a very sensitive, directional mic that can run on INTERNAL battery power.

Bryan Beasleigh July 7th, 2004 05:12 PM

Why leave me out of this

Why do I keep my K6/ME66 and Oktavas ?

Cuz like Jay said I might need a high output battery opporated mic and..........................................................

There may be some times that i don't want to put a $1300 plus mic in jepoardy. (MKH60 is 1450 and the Schoeps is $1300)


Cuz it's family ;-)

and I'm a sentimental old fart

Matt Gettemeier July 7th, 2004 06:02 PM

Sorry Beas... I left you out of this 'cause I'm full up on sour grapes... If that mkh60 had been sitting there this week it would be mine... Mine... MINE... Ha-ha-ha-ha..... ha.

Just kidding. I KNEW you'd chime in 'cause I asked you about this in an email.

I STILL don't get it... but I kinda' do. If I get a Schoeps I'll still keep the Oktavas... but that's only 'cause I do some pretty risky sh*t with my mics. In that swamp clip my Oktava's are hanging out over the water on 10' of boom pole. I'd cringe to do that with a Schoeps... BUT, believe it or not... the 416 is gonna' see that sort of risk too.

I guess the reason I'll keep the Oktavas... even after I get a Schoeps, is 'cause I like using a stereo pair sometimes... and a matched set of Schoeps would be too STEEEP.

Ok, you've seen my thought process here... so I'm back to thinking, "Chuck the me66 on ebay"... but I guess there MAY be a time when you want a battery powered mic like a shotgun... but I don't see it. Any wireless will provide phantom... as will a mixer or digital recorder... so what gives?

I'll take the "sentimental part of the family thing" as an answer...

Bryan Beasleigh July 7th, 2004 07:41 PM

Actually, you made me think, if I sell the ME66, that's almost half of a new capsule for the Schoeps. The Beach DXA4 has to be worth $100 as well.

Ken Tanaka July 7th, 2004 09:11 PM

That's actually a good question. I've not used either my 66 or 67 in over a year (aside from the comparative clips I recorded), although I have not been shooting very much for several months.

While I may eventually put these fellows up for sale I can envision situations in which I would prefer to use the 66 or 67 over the 416. Specifically, newsy or event coverage might better suit these mics. In such situations (a) the fuller sound of the 416 wouldn't be essential, (b) the 66, while a bit longer than the 416, is also lighter than the 416...for camera mount, and (c) damage to the 66 and 67 would be much easier to bear.


Matt Gettemeier July 7th, 2004 09:30 PM

Unfortunately I'm totally OCD when it comes to shooting... I'll do whatever it takes to get the best end result... even if it means risking thousands of dollars to get the best shot or sound. I guess that may bite me one day... but I'll cross my fingers until then...

Just for the hell of it I decided to check and the me66 is less then 2 ounces lighter and more then 2.5" longer then the mkh416... For on-cam use I'll take the 2.5" savings... The Sanken CS1 was EXTREMELY tempting as an alternative to the mkh416... That thing is TINY and what's MORE impressive is how incredible it is at ignoring rear/side noises... BUT... in staying true to one of the early principles set forth by Beas... in the GSA... the main reason to choose one mic over another, is that it's got to bite you in the butt. To this day I'm not sure what that means... but the 416 makes my butt sore... LOL, where's that one ebay ad now? Seriously... the CS1 just doesn't grab me like the 416 does... so the 416 gets my cash... for now...

A couple years ago you could get an me66 at B&H for $380... Now they're $450! Sheesh, you could sell yours on ebay for $350 in a couple hours... If an me66 is $450 then who in their right friggin' mind wouldn't just get the 4073a for a lousy $80 more! I can't believe it... $450?! NOW compare the 4073a to the me66!

Bryan Beasleigh July 7th, 2004 11:49 PM

The 4073 needs phantom

Jacques Mersereau July 8th, 2004 07:33 AM

I see no reason if you're upgrading and don't foresee
a situation where you'll need multiple cameras with shotguns.

Know this, Schoeps mics are susceptable to humidity. I've had mine go pop
a couple of times out of the blue while collecting audio on lakes and
marshes. The 416 would never think about doing that to me.

Some prefer the 4073a to the 416, so you might want to keep the 4073a
and buy a Schoeps. The MK41 smokes the 416 IMO.

Back to your question about the K6/ME . . .
I see no reason if you're upgrading and don't foresee
a situation where you'll need multiple cameras with shotguns why you shouldn't
DUST 'EM! :)

Oleg Kaizerman July 8th, 2004 07:45 AM

schoeps need phantom as well :-)

me 66 its a good back up mike or another mike that you put ones in a week on the second boom that you trust in grips hands (since we are talking low budget ,no cable man around)
That's for drama , for doco ,if its not 416 only mike do you have I wouldn't sell it , shit happens with all brands ( I lost mkh and se-3 for long time )
So we come to the money question . To rent other mike for 2 weeks in year,thats about 100-150 $ continuously ,if you rent daily 12 days that's about 200-250, almost 60% of what it worth new .
If you rent your mike out to someone from time to time , lets say 15 days in a year it 50% of what it worth -less tax and insurance and maintenance its 35%.

so you have mike that you bought for 400, you always can get 250 (after one year ,after 2 years after 3 years its the same sum ) so maximum you can loose 150 but in the same time you can make 400-450 after tax .
so for the end
if you have money buy better back up and rid off this bad one , if not ,keep it as a good investment and peace of mind

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