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Todd Siechen October 4th, 2004 12:53 AM

Best General Use Mic for GL2
Hi Guys

I need to find a new Mic to upgrade the on board sound but I need one that will be useful in a "guerilla" filmmaking style of use meaning there will be no set-up time for doing wireless mics or speciallized audio - only fast capture of the footage I need in situations where there is no time for anything else. The scenarios will be indoors and outdoors where I need to pick up audio from people as well as environments. If there are different mics I can put on the GL2 for different situations then that would work if I can do it ahead of time, but I need some options like this.

What are the best avenues to explore?

- todd

David Ennis October 4th, 2004 10:24 PM

Canon's own DM-50 might be good for your guerillla tactics. It has a slide switch to select from three modes; wide stereo, more narrow stereo, and mono shotgun. Draws power from and sends its audio through the hot shoe. Costs about $130 at B&H. It's no $500 shotgun, but it's decent and might offer the run and gun readiness and versatility you need.

Todd Siechen October 10th, 2004 03:42 PM

Yes I have been contemplating the DM-50 but a lot of poeple are saying they dont hear a difference with it compared to the on-board mic. I did decide to get the AT897 for more dialog intensive audio capture in my adventures, but I would also like to have a mic geared more for wide audio capture via concert and naturescapes etc etc. I fully realize that sound recording and mic setup is a very specialized and specific thing and there is no one-mic-fits-all system, but for the spontaneous type of things I am shooting there is no time for setting up mics and mixers and lavs etc etc.

So basically I have narrowed it down to needing the best possible mics for 2 situations - One for close camera dialog, and one for wide 360 degree ambient. The AT897 I got fitting the dialog portion.

Thanx for the tip Fred!

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