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Joel Guy October 5th, 2004 11:09 AM

The most versatile microphone...
What would you guys say would be the most versatile microphone to have, for scripted work, and background field recording, etc. Basically, the most versatile mic for all the situations you might ever be in. And what are the pro's and con's of that microphone?


Bryan Beasleigh October 5th, 2004 01:12 PM

There's been alot written lately, cruise on down the forum.

Would you be indoors ot out.

The best all round for a reasonable price would be the Sanken CS-1. It behaves as a shotgun yet has some excellent characteristics that make it usable for indoor work. The mic doesn't have much of a rear lobe giving it more forgiving charactteristics in a confined space. All of the detail has already been written and it takes a fair chunk of time. The answers are already in place and easy to find.

You could do some searches on the Sanken.

Here's the link to the sanken site

Matt Gettemeier October 5th, 2004 06:44 PM

I'll second that.

If for some reason you decided, "I'm only buying ONE mic for EVERYTHING", then I'd say the CS-1 is probably the mic which best qualifies. If you prefer a "fatter" and warmer sound then the CS-3 would be my second suggestion.

Both of those Sankens are well-regarded as being more versatile then anything else...

Bryan Beasleigh October 5th, 2004 08:43 PM

I'd have to disagree about the CS-3e only cuz i can't stand the sound, too damn thick and phat. I luvs my MKH60 and Schoeps MK41.

Matt Gettemeier October 5th, 2004 11:51 PM

I'll second THAT too! I prefer the sound of the Mkh-60 to the CS-3... and the Schoeps to pretty well everything...

Even though I prefer the sound of the 60... I think the CS-3 may be more versatile... of course that's just one opinion... and honestly, there are several mics I'd buy before the CS-1... but again, if you can't buy more then ONE mic... it's a good compromise, even if it's not my first pick based only on sound.

Jaser Stockert October 6th, 2004 10:43 AM

"and honestly, there are several mics I'd buy before the CS-1... but again, if you can't buy more then ONE mic... it's a good compromise, even if it's not my first pick based only on sound."

so what mics would you buy ahead of the cs-1? are there any better mics than the cs-1 for all around indoor/outdoor shooting? also, if i were to choose 2 shotguns, one exclusively for indoors and one for outdoors, which would you choose? thanks!

Bryan Beasleigh October 6th, 2004 03:54 PM

Better than the CS1 among others
For indoors the Schoeps MK41
Fot outdoors the Sennheiser MKH60

The CS-1 is approx $750 coming in at half the price of the ubber mics

The MK41 is `$1350 and the MKH60 $1450

The CS-1 is a bargain for what it does.

other noteable hypers for dialog are
NT-3 ($152)The oktava MC)-12 hyper capsule(190), The AKG CK93(C300b)($400), AT 4053a($400), AKG CK63 (C480b)($800) MKH50 (1150) and the MK41 @$1350.

Shotguns (short) in the ubber class are MKH416, Neumann KMR81i, Sanken CS-3e, AKG C480/CK69, MKH60

Listen for yourself. Shotgun / Hyper shootout

Have a look on RAMPS Most of the heavy hitters in film and video production seem to like either the MK41 or the MKH50 , for dialog.

The short shotguns are split between the listed brands. The short shotguns listed range from $1000 through $1450.

Good shotguns under $750 would include the sanken CS-1
The AT4073

Not bad shotguns under $400 are the ME66 and the AT897 and 835b. The AKG CK98 is supposed to be a great low priced shotgun. It requires the 300b preamp and the system is modular, so you could buy the c300b , the hyper CK93 as well as the CK98 short shotgun/. The system even has a figure 8. I believe the preamp has a 10 db pad and a high pass filter built in. i've also hear the CK93 discribed as a "Shoeps like sound". it does kinda have that air about it. There are clips of that model on my Shotgun/Hyper shootout.

You can go nutz and even go broke dabling in things audio. Ask Matt ;-))))

Joel Guy October 6th, 2004 06:16 PM

Thanks very much, guys. You've been a huge help!

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