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Guest November 22nd, 2004 11:50 PM

Studio 1 XLR-BP Pro or XLR-BP?
Hello all,

I'm stuck between the Pro and Basic versions. The basic seems to have what I need for weddings. I want to run a shotgun mic and a wireless lav to my GL2 for weddings. I plan on clipping the Pro or Basic to the tripod with the necessary wires running to and from the camera as necessary, and that's about it. What are the pro's and con's for both? Would the Pro model be overkill for what I need it for? I did a search for similar topics but could only find info for the Pro, so any experienced Basic users please speak up! The only differences I can see according to the Studio 1 page are the following:

--Mic/Line Level Selection - Each input has a mic/line level switch giving you the choice of mic level input or line level input from an audio mixing board. (Don't think I'll ever need this for what I'm using it for-- correct me if I'm wrong).

--Ground Lift Switch - helps eliminate ground loop hum in the audio._ A ground lift switch allows you to break the ground connection between two devices, thus eliminating common ground loop problems._ This is critical when connecting to various audio equipment._ Note: The ground lift switch is not a ground selection switch, which simply changes the ground path to the camera, thus keeping the ground loop problem present._ (What does this mean? Do I have to worry about this?)

Any feedback and brainstorming on this matter would be appreciated:)

Guest November 23rd, 2004 01:03 AM

Likewise, do any of you think this mic would work well as a camera mounted microphone to simply pick up ambient noise (organs, any readers on a PA, etc?). I heavily rely on the wireless mic for the important audio from the bride and groom:)


Jay Massengill November 23rd, 2004 09:34 AM

Definitely get the Pro version. It uses transformers to maintain a balanced path for your mic signals up until the short cable into the camera. The basic version doesn't do this.
The ability to use line-level signals and to have a ground-lift switch can also be very important in different situations. Let's say you needed to do a dance recital for example. Line-level in would be a definite benefit in that case and since you're linking to other AC powered equipment, so would a ground lift.
Their note on the ground lift switch refers to their competitor's version that supposedly changes the ground pathway rather than eliminating it. (I've never had a situation where the competitor didn't succede in eliminating the hum.)
I can't get that link to Full Compass to work this morning, so I don't know which mic you're asking about. Can you name it specifically?

Jay Massengill November 23rd, 2004 10:02 AM

OK, the link to Full Compass is working now.
The ATM29HE is a good mic and this is a good price, but no I don't think it would work WELL in the situation you describe. It would work, but for $110 you could get the packaged version of the ATM10a omni or for $130 the ATM31a cardioid that would work much, much better acoustically. And they'd be easier to mount to a camera too.

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