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Marco Leavitt February 3rd, 2005 03:47 PM

Should we retire our MM1?
We recently bought a SoundDevices 302 field mixer which is to be monitored by a sound person who is tethered to the boom op. Previously the boom op used a SoundDevices MM1 to monitor the audio, and I'd like to know if we should continue to use it because our AD converter only has mic level inputs and the MM1 is line level. There are no interface problems because the 302 is in the middle of the chain, but I'm wondering if there is a downside to boosting the mic level signal to line level and then dropping it down to mic level again. The alternative would be to give the boom op one of those pass-through headphone amps that Rolls makes. Would it be better to let the signal stay mic level all the way through, or am I being too anal about this? I'm just worried that the signal boost will color the audio somehow, and the MM1 seems like overkill just to let the boom-op hear what's going on.

Ty Ford February 3rd, 2005 10:33 PM

From a purely purist perspective, every resistor, capacitor and doodad through which the signal passes has some effect on it, so less is more.

Having said that, if it gets the job done and you can't hear the difference, you'll be fine. Time to try both ways, record them and compare.


Ty Ford

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