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Jim Morlino February 14th, 2005 08:36 PM

Stock Canon Shotgun through MixPre?
Hey folks. Just picked up a MixPre and an ME66, but would still like the option of using the stock Canon Stereo mic from the XL-1. That mic terminates in a funky pair of miniplugs (I assume one is for signal, the other power?) Can I just use a female stereo mini to two male XLRs to connect it to the MixPre? And will phantom power be sent with that set up?
- Jim

Jay Massengill February 15th, 2005 10:47 AM

I definitely would not try to phantom power the stock mic through an adapter from the MixPre. I think the stock voltage is very low, far under the 18v or 48v available from the MixPre. Not to mention that phantom power from the mixer requires a balanced connection and any adapter to the stock mic would be unbalanced and could harm the MixPre phantom circuitry.
You could try using an extension cable from the camera's sub-mini power jack to the stock mic, and a properly wired adapter from the mini plug of the mic to 2 male XLR's, but I think that would not be a worthwhile adventure.
Two other points. Do you have an XLR adapter to go between the MixPre and the camera? Does your MixPre have a 4-pin power input? I ask because there was an original MixPre and a newer MixPre (with 4-pin power input) and how you adapt each to an XL-1 through a specific XLR adapter is different.
If you plan to use the MixPre tape output hooked to the XL-1's rear RCA connectors set to line-level, then you're fine except for keeping this cable as short as possible and protecting it from being ripped out.

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