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Andrew Malek February 21st, 2005 03:42 PM

General live rock audio mic Qs + req for any AT822/825 mounted pics?
hate to ask, but I have searched this and other dv forums and can't find a pic of the AT822/AT825 mounted on any cam at all! I'd really like to see it on the shoe of a GS400, or just any cam so that I can get a good idea of size as this is how I intend to use it.
Does anyone use it in this way on the GS400, and is it 'comfortable'?

Also, does it generally come with a shoe adapter? If not, would this be the solution? : http://www.soundprofessionals.com/c.../item/AT3760057

I'm currently using a Sony ECM 717 for recording live bands, which gives surprisingly astounding results considering its budget pricetag. I'd be happy keeping it, but I really want something that mounts nicely on the shoe, and I can't see any way that the ECM 717 can do this. So I'm considering either the Sony MS908C and the AT822/825, which are within my budget.

If anyone is interested in the results I'm getting with the ECM 717, check out any vids shot by 'andrewb6k' at www.punkrockvids.com apart from 'matchbook romance : my eyes burn', which is a mix of the board feed and the mic feed. In those vids, the sound is generally coming from my camera, which is usually the stage angle as I've only recently upgraded to the GS400, and had a poor low budget Canon before. The other angles are shot with Canon XM/XL series 3CCDs, which are better positioned for the mic recording, but for some reason those cams REALLY don't seem to like external mics and sound awful and distorted (even when using the level control on the XLs). Has anyone else found this with these cameras?

Matt Stahley February 21st, 2005 10:50 PM

I have a 822 and IMO you dont want to camera mount that mic unless the cam is stationary and you have a good shockmount. The mic will pick up any sound around it below it etc and its also very prone to handling noise so if you shooting handheld it will pick up most of your hand movements on the camera. I have recorded a few shows with the mic but i always put it up on a boom.If recording outdoors besure to get good wind protection as the foam windscreen that is provided does nothing. Rycote makes a screen that fits the mic not sure of the model#.

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