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Nevin Aragam March 3rd, 2005 03:18 PM

I am new to audio completely. I can hook up mics and adjust gain and turn nobs until i like the sound thats about all, and frankly I dont know what any of it is actually doing other than making the audio sound better or worse.
In other words, bear with me:
I got the UWP-C1 wireless lavalier kit with the Sony PDX10. The manual to the PDX10 says that you shouldn't use a mic with an input not matching -48v if you are going to use the +48v switch on the box. Does this mic kit fit in that descprition (ie. can i use the 48v switch?)
I was also wondering if would any one mind explaining what the 48 v stands for and or how it works/ does? Or perhaps refering me to an audio basics site or book.
I appreciate your time,

Nevin Aragam March 3rd, 2005 03:23 PM

Sorry, I also meant to ask:
The lavalier system instructions said it takes LD type AA batteries or something like that (i'm at school i dont have the refrence on hand,) and regular batteries are R type. What does this mean and does it really matter what kind of AA batteries I put in?
Thanks again,

Jay Massengill March 3rd, 2005 03:39 PM

48v stands for 48 volts of phantom power, which is used to power some microphones. The stock mic for the PDX-10 needs phantom on.
Your wireless mic receiver doesn't need this power so you should keep the switch off for that input. Most mics aren't harmed by this voltage, but some can be and some can harm the circuit in the camera that provides the power.
When in doubt, check the manufacturer's specifications.
Don't plug in or remove a connector while this power is on. Make your connections when off.

Not sure about their odd lettering for battery types. You need to use alkaline or disposable lithium AA batteries for greatest life.
You can also use rechargeable nickel metal hydride if they are high capacity cells, although they die almost instantly after running a long time per charge, so they are hard to predict.
Older style ni-cad rechargeables don't work well and neither do heavy duty batteries.

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