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Kent Metschan March 7th, 2005 12:51 PM

Lav mic for XL2
I always leave audio stuff to others so my questions will sound stupid. I have an XL2 and need to film a presentation where the presenter will be turning his back to the camera and talk while writing on the board. So, I need to buy a lav mic. Any suggestions here that won't break the bank but are still good? Also, can I use the lav and also the onboard mic at the same time for a backup? If so, how does this record on the tape. Wouldn't the audio just sound jumbled or when I capture it to Premierie will it show up on seperate channels? Thanks for you input.

Bruce S. Yarock March 7th, 2005 06:03 PM

If he's not going to be far from the camera you might get away with a wired lav. I don't know the models, but you can get one pretty inexpensive.
For wireless, I use a Sennheiser G2 which runs around $500.
To record two channels seperately, here's what I do.
1-Use an on camera shotgun (AT897) with the xlr plug into the left xlr input on the rear of the xl2.
2- Plug my wireless ( or wired ) mic into the right side xlr input.
3- Set my audio select switch to "rear" and "channel1" (not 1and 2).
4- Monitor through headphones and set each level as needed.
When you're finished, you'll have a stereo audio track with one source far left and the other far right. You can split the stereo track in your audio editor program, and then you have seperate mono tracks with the same audio, but different mics.
I've beem doing some stuff for a politician, and I mostly use the lav, but sometimes use the shotgun track for ambience , small groups of people, applause and layghter, etc.
having the tracks seperated really gives you freedom to use one or the other, or different mixes of both as needed.
Good luck.
Bruce Yarock

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