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Mike Minor March 18th, 2005 12:42 PM

Recording a live concert, suggestions?
Hey everyone. I'm recording a live concert in a week or so, and I was wondering the best way to get the best quality sound? I was thinking of simply plugging a dat recorder (Tascam Mk DA30) into the soundboard, but i've been hearing that sometimes the audio is a bit flat. Would it make more sense to get 2 shotgun mics (Sennheiser ME66) and record through those? I really don't know much at all about professional audio recording, so any suggestions would be useful.

Jay Massengill March 18th, 2005 03:26 PM

Do some searches here on this board. There are a lot of threads on this subject. If possible you should record both a feed from the soundboard and from your own mics.
Usually shotgun mics have a very poor time with loud indoor acoustics. Cardioid or hypercardioid (or even omni) depending on the circumstances work well when placed correctly. Often the inconvenience of placement is a hindrance but it still must be done.
There are also threads here on double-system sound like you're proposing with a DAT recorder, including info on sync during post-production and drift.

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