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Scott Hirsch March 20th, 2005 05:40 PM

G2 100 Series and Canon GL2 for interview
I have never even seen a wireless mic so I am hoping wiser heads can explain something very basic. I have a GL2 and will be conducting an indoor interview. I want good audio on both the participates.

In addition to the kit below, would I need to add a second lapel mic or anything else?


In addition, price is not a big factor for a commercial bracket. Can someone recommend a mounting bracket for the G2 that makes it easy? (I will be using a 755B Tripod with (501) Fluid Head. )

In addition, I also have a ME66/K6 and may bring a second GL2 as I can't afford to have something go down with the one and only camera I have there. Would it be best to use a second GL2 with the built-in mic as an audio backup pointed or is there some more obvious combination with two GL2's that would insure I have good audio?

Bruce S. Yarock March 20th, 2005 06:53 PM

I bought the same Sennheiser kit and am very happy with it. I used it first with my Canon GL1, together with a beachtek box.( That way I could split the channels and use a shotgun or handheld alo). Now I have an XL2, and I keep the Senn mounted on the bakplate, and also an Audio technika 897 as the on camera shotgun.
We've been doing some run and gun stuff with a local politician, and I've been leaving the transmitter on him. When we want to interview someone else, we turn off his transmitter and use the Senn mic plug ( comes with that kit), which gives us an additional hand held wireless.
I may get a better lav mic down the road, or maybe just get another g2 9 (and a field mixer, and......)
Bruce yarock

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