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Brian Langeman April 20th, 2005 10:34 PM

recording software for M-Audio 410
Hey everyone. I will probably be purchasing the M-Audio 410 firewire interface for recording sound on location onto a G4 Mac Powerbook. It's not clear in anything that I've read and I'm wondering if it comes with recording software as well. I have Pro Tools LE with the Digi 002, but that isn't very portable which is why I'm looking into the M-Audio 410, so editing the sound later isn't a problem, I just need basic software to record with if the 410 doesn't come with any, without having to buy the M-Audio version of Pro Tools.

Also, I need to make sure. The 410 can be powered right from the laptop through the firewire, right? Just need to make sure.

Finally, I've never used double system recording before, so I've never had to synch audio to video. Timecode is a little on the expensive side so I would be using a slate or something. Do you have to start recording with the camera and the audio recording software at exactly the same time? or do you just line up the sound to the slate?

Thanks for any help in advance, and this is the greatest and most helpful forum that I've ever seen. So much useful information to beginners and advanced people.

Brian Langeman April 21st, 2005 05:21 PM

OK, I figured out that it doesn't come with any recording software. But this leaves me wondering, can I run Pro Tools LE with the M-Audio 410, or can only the M-Audio Pro Tools version work with the 410? If it doesn't work what would the cheapest solution be for recording multiple tracks onto the Powerbook?

Brian Langeman April 21st, 2005 07:17 PM

I found this software called Audacity ad it's free. It actually looks pretty capable. Does anyone know if it can record through firewire and with multiple channels?

Doug Bischoff April 22nd, 2005 09:40 AM

Some Help Perhaps
Hello, Brian:

I see you're not getting much help here, but I'll try to lend what information I can.

The M-Audio 410, when plugged into your Mac and perhaps with M-Audio drivers installed, will appear in the "Audio/Midi Setup" utility as a new audio input. From that point forward, Apple's "Core Audio" framework will handle communicating to your program of choice.

What this means for you is that nearly any modern audio recording software that can run on OS X will have the 410 "just appear" and be available as an input source. No need to worry if the 410 will work with it.

Just be sure whatever you choose software-wise will work with OS X "Core Audio" and you're golden.

Unfortunately, my experience with software is limited to Digital Performer and Soundtrack, so I'm not sure about the other programs you mention. But hey: if it's free, go for it!

Hope this helps some,

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