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George Ellis May 30th, 2005 10:25 AM

Updated - 835ST - DXA-8 - VX2100 - Sample WMV/MP3
Normally I would link this in DV for the Masses. But, since there are questions on occasion and I have something recent, I thought I would link it here.

Memorial Day 1 - 6 where shot yesterday afternoon. I dumped tape to editor last night, cut, and output each clip start to WMV at 7xx kbps. Absolutely no massaging and I did not even get a chance to review them because of time to get them up (I think there was a pan where I was looking at my feet to make sure I did not fall of a chairs I was standing on - Drifted down.... ;) )

This was an A-T 835ST on a Shure 15 stand (visible in the first clip, dead center). 5-pin xlr down the pole to the AT splitter. 2 100ft 3 pin xlr cables to the camera. In through 2 A-T8202 Attenuators at -20dB to the DXA-8. Into the VX2100.

BTW, need the attenuators. Not sure I caught in at the edge, but one of the kids in front of me had his hands over his ears. Division I Drum Corps is LOUD and this was indoors because of rain. The mic voltage can exceed the range of the DXA-8.

Roger Averdahl May 30th, 2005 11:38 AM

Hi George!

It sounds nice! :)

Have you used the DXA-8 with the AT835ST for a long time? I own the AT835ST and contacted BeachTek and they told me that the battery in the DXA-8 lasts only 2 hours when using its limiter and phantompower to the AT835ST.

And yes, the AT835ST is a hot microphone. I recorded a rock band and my cameras XLR box (Panasonic AG-MYA30) distorted... Im going to build a attenuator in the XLR's.


George Ellis May 30th, 2005 11:49 AM

About 2 hours is what I have seen. When paranoid, I will change batteries with tapes.

I have used both for about a year now. That is why I started using the 8202's (there is a thread discussing it in this forum). The 8202's are switchable and pass phantom voltage. 10dB works with high school bands and -20 is required for Division 1 corps. But if you have to pickup conversational audio, you need to drop the switches to -10 if you can. Even in post, it is hard to bring back out at -20.

George Ellis May 30th, 2005 07:04 PM

Now have MP3s of same from the source
Same link above. I now have MP3s of the video performances to give a little better audio. I exported 48k WAV from Liquid Edition 6.1SP1 and converted them in Sound Forge to 256k MP3s. No post work on the audio except a fade out on clapping and some trimming from what was in the videos.

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