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Jeff Kellam October 2nd, 2009 09:14 AM

Senn EW100 G2 questions
This morning I replaced the batteries in my G2 transmitter & reciever with some Energizer Ultimate lithiums. After replacement I did a checkout before tonights shoot. During a levels check I noticed the AF peak light on the transmitter dosent light and the scale dosent fully deflect during very loud noise I made while testing. Otherwise seems just fine. Any ideas why?

Has anyone used the Energizer Ultimate lithium batteries in their G2 wireless set?

If so, did it work out okay?

I have always had good results with Costco alkalines, but the lithiums were on sale, so I bought some. The lithiums have a slightly higher terminal voltage over alkaline and rechargables, so that could help performance (which was already good). Hopefully they don't cause problems.

Jeff Kellam October 5th, 2009 01:26 PM

The Energizer Ultimate Lithiums are a good choice for the G2 system. They have run about 3 hours so far and the battery indicator is still full. The system sounded really good on this shoot (probably not due to batteries, but who knows).

The AF peaking light (and actual peaking) was affected by the Sanken COS11 mic not working like the limiter in the G2 expects of the ME2 mic. However, the sound and performance was excellent on this shoot, even with the venue having 6 of their own Sennheiser wireless systems operating.

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