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Zach Mull July 1st, 2005 05:36 PM

Wireless lav: out of options?
Now for the 500th mic recommendation thread this year. At least I have some specifics. I am getting ready to purchase a new wireless lav kit at work. I'll use it almost exclusively for in-studio demonstrations with painters and other artists. Right now I have the Audio Technica ATW kit, and I'm not particularly happy with it. I don't like the controls on the receiver, and I've had mixed results with interference that I never had with other kits I've used in the same price range. I want to buy a new kit in that range (~ $500), and I've had good experience with the Sennheiser EW series so I was thinking of purchasing the Evolution G2 100 series kit. But when I read through the old threads on this board, I found a few negative comments about it from prominent posters. Would it be a mistake to buy this kit? If so, what's wrong with it? Also if so, is there another kit comparable in quality and price to the ATW and the G2 100 that I've missed? I could only find much cheaper kits and much more expensive kits like the Lectrosonics mics.

The other thrust of my post: if the Sennheiser is no good, and I don't like the Audio Technica kit, would I be better off just having the artists wear wired mics? I like the convenience of the wireless mics for giving the artists freedom, but I'm in a studio environment so I don't actually need portability. Would it be smarter for me to just run a couple cables and have the painters get used to wearing a wire?

I'd appreciate advice on either topic. Thanks,

Allen Brodsky July 2nd, 2005 12:01 PM

In general, wired mics produce better results than wireless. Set up is easier, and sound should be better. Unless the mic cable running on the floor to your mixer or cam will get in your subject's way while they move around for their demos, I would use wired mics.
Regarding the interference you experienced with your AT kit, are you sure that the intereference wouldn't have occurred in those same conditions with a Sennheiser? I haven't experienced interference with my ATW.

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