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Ken Beals September 1st, 2005 09:25 PM

interviews at a noisy Pub...prefer the freedom of wireless
Hey all,

Pubs, lively banter volumes and music brings quite a challenge to recording a good balance of the interviewees voice and the charm of live ambient.

Even in a "shielded" location like a booth is a challenge. Thus far I've only used the in camera mic of the PD170 no farther than 3 1/2 feet from the subject.

Since I will also use Glidecam for walking interviews I would like to use freedom of a wireless setup where I can mount the receiver on the Glidecam.

I prefer the lav. over handheld mics.

Suggestions ?

Glenn Chan September 1st, 2005 09:34 PM

What about a wireless handheld?

Ken Beals September 1st, 2005 09:57 PM

When searched "Now Hear This" before posting I noticed a few recommendations to use a Shure SM58 hand held if didn't mind the mic in the shot.

If it's possible would prefer the mic. be less obvious (ie. Lav, style) to allow the viewer to be more focused on the one talking.

Question is, are there Lavs out there that can primarily pick up the voice and not get overwhelmed by the ambient ?

Glenn Chan September 1st, 2005 10:50 PM

If you use a lav, you have to plant it on the subject. If you spend time, which you probably can't, you can hide it on them and have it totally invisible.

2- Maybe a better solution would be to use a shotgun or hypercardioid microphone. You can be a little further away so the mic is not in the shot at much.

Indoors, shotguns can sound a little weird unless you get close enough and/or there's low reverb + background noise.
You also have to be real careful about pointing them, as voices will sound very different if they're not about 30 degress on-axis with the microphone.
Shotguns also pickup more handling noise, so you have to be careful about holding them (you can also use a pistol grip, that may help??).
Some people do interview people with shotgun microphones and it does work.
It definitely has greater reach than a hypercardioid microphone.

If you use a mic this way, you are holding the mic and pointing it at the interviewed person(s). If there are multiple people then you gotta point the mic around, while presumably holding the camera in the other hand.

I don't really speak from experience so your mileage may vary.

2- Another idea would be to get a wide-angle adapter and mount a hypercardioid mic on-camera. Just stick that microphone right in front of the person being interviewed (and maybe a little off to the side so you're not in their face).

With DV cameras you can do this (whereas you can't really do it with shoulder-mounted cameras).

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