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Erik Palm January 2nd, 2006 02:10 PM

Cheap wireless levallier mic for Sony HDR-HC1?
I am going to shoot documentary projects and I am looking for a cheap wireless levallier mic for Sony HDR-HC1 to attach to a person I´d like to follow. Which system is the best value? A Sennheiser system?

Kind regards Erik Palm

Jim Feeley January 3rd, 2006 08:08 PM

Check some of the recent discussions about this. Several brands keep coming up in discussion. Some people seem to like the AT 100 series (I used to own one of their systems...didn't like it and I'm not sure I got it right). But I'd prefer the Sennheiser Evolution 100 G2 systems (I think it's the EW112P-G2 that'd fit your needs).

But again, check the other threads from December. You'll find a range of opinions and suggestions.



Jim Feeley January 3rd, 2006 08:11 PM

Oh, you might want to replace the lav that comes with any low-cost system. They'll work OK, but I'd rather keep them as just a backup mic (always a good idea to have a backup lav anyway).

Geez, there have been recent threads discussing lav mics (as opposed to wireless/radio systems), too. AT899, Countryman EMW and B6, Tram (not my fav), and others got suggested. Expensive, but worth it...



John Rofrano January 3rd, 2006 09:04 PM

Audio-Technica makes a great inexpensive wireless system the Pro88W. Itís VHF so it might no be good for inner city shooting like UHF is but I live in the country and it works great for me. For only $160 itís a great wireless system. Make sure you get it with the MT830R omni or the AT829 cardioid lavalier mic (this is how B&H sells them. Thatís where I bought mine. I got the MT830R omni model). Some shops like J&R Music World and Amazon.com sell a Pro88W kit for $99 but it uses the cheaper ATR35 mic (a $40 mic). You want the one with the better AT829 or MT830R mic.

If you canít use VHF then be prepared to spend $500+ for a good UHF diversity system.


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