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Rich Rodgers January 15th, 2006 08:46 PM

PSC Promix 3 Improvements
I just joined dvinfo today. This place is very helpful for a totally inexperienced so-and-so like me. I've been researching how to set up an audio complement to a Sony HC1 I've just acquired. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share their knowledge and advice.

I'm about to pull the trigger on some purchases, and in the process of researching, I found out some info that I hadn't seen posted here. I plan to start with a lot of indoor events with PAs and crowds, as well as one-on-one interviews. I'll play outside later, when I get all the protective equipment.

My intent is to try to buy the best components I can, while stepping into this new world in measured steps.

I plan on starting with a PSC Promix 3 for a portable mixer, instead of the Beachtek DXA-8. Three channels instead of two, and XLR outputs for the future. PSC's owner Ron Meyer sealed the deal this weekend by giving me good answers to some outstanding questions raised here and elsewhere.

He says that six months ago they released a modified the Promix 3 to give it a 3-way switchable output, to try to resolve the challenges that used to exist for some cameras. Jay Rose had mentioned these in his review, noting that the mic and line levels seemed to be imperfect for some devices, requiring the use of an in-line pad.

PSC also added a reference tone oscillator at the same time.

B & H staff didn't seem to be initially aware of the new model, but Mr. Meyer says they've sold enough through B & H that he's sure that's what they're carrying--even if the specs don't show up on the product info page.

As for mics, I plan on picking up a Rode Videomic for stuff on the go, and to try to round out sound from two sources. I had thought about taking a bigger plunge with something like an AT4073a, but it's hard to justify spending that much money out of the blocks. The Videomic seems well-enough respected that I could start there.

As a primary sound source for events, I'm planning on just plugging into the sound board anyway, and will acquire lav and boom mics as I can afford them.

I look forward to learning more from everyone here, and hopefully this info on the PSC is helpful to somebody. I'd be very interested to know if anyone has tried out the new model, especially with an HC1.

Marco Leavitt January 16th, 2006 08:07 AM

That's good news about the promix. The lack of a reference tone generator was a major reason I passed on it last year when I was shopping for a mixer.

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