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Ryan Varjas February 17th, 2006 05:45 PM

Cable for Azden SGM-2x to camera?
I recently purchased an Azden SGM-2x for my VX2100, and I now need a cable to attach it to the camera. This mic will only really be used on the camera right now, so I'm assuming an XLR female to mini male should work. My question is do i need a cable that is set up for a mono mic or stereo mic? Or any other suggestions?

Jay Massengill February 17th, 2006 09:12 PM

This Azden model may have changed since I tested it, but in any case you'll need a converter cable for a mono balanced mic into an unbalanced stereo mini input.
When I used that mic in the past for a test, it has an impedence balanced output but the signal is only carried on pin 2. A normal balanced mic has the positive half of the signal on pin 2 and the negative half of the signal on pin 3. Doing it the Azden way is less expensive but still maintains a balanced connection for hum rejection when hooked to a balanced input. When you're converting it to an unbalanced stereo input it's wired the same no matter if there is signal on pin 3 or not. The cable should have a female XLR on one end and a stereo mini male on the other end. Pin 2 of the XLR should go to both the tip and ring of the mini male. Pin 3 and Pin 1 should go to the sleeve of the mini male. In other words it's a standard cable for converting balanced mono to unbalanced stereo input, and will work with either the Azden or a normal balanced mic.
I'm only relating those other details for someone who might try to use pin 3 for signal and find there's nothing there.

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