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Ross Jones May 5th, 2006 04:18 PM

Round table / multi mic approach..?
In a couple of weeks I need to shoot a round table discussion with 5 participants - in a business/office setting. At my disposal (i.e. I already own..) are the following mics: 1 x Beyer MC740 (multi pattern studio condenser) on a studio boom, 1 x AKG C535 (condenser, cardioid) on a standard mic stand, 2 x omni lavs - 1 wired (B3), 1 wireless. I have a SD302 mixer and a second small 8 channel Yamaha mixer.
I have an additional equipment budget of $600 - $800 for extra mics/eqpt as necessary - kindly donated by the client. Table / Lav mics could be discretely in shot; not so with boom mics.
Options I'm considering:
1. Purchase a PZM30D and place it in the centre of the table
2. Suspend the 2 omni lavs above talent, plus the MC740 in omni mode above, with either a purchased B6 / B3 lav on the key talent, or use the c ardioid (or additionaly purchased mic) on a table tripod for key talent.
3. Use the available budget to purchase say an AKG E300/CK93 hyper (or similar) + boom for talent who's currently speaking.. and then move as required. (Note: I may leave the camera on a fixed setting for the group, and do the Boom Op job myself..)
4. Purchase 5 table tripods and use 5 x SM58 mics (which I can borrow).
If I can keep the mic count to 3, then I can use the SD302's 3 channels.. which will give me a better/cleaner signal than the via the Yamaha mixer.
Bit of a challenge; what do you think..?
Rgds, Ross.

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