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Ray Ambrosi May 12th, 2006 12:35 PM

Question re Sennheiser G2 Wireless and cam connection
I'm pretty new so I'll appreciate answers to my simple questions!!

I'm thinking about buying a Sennheiser EW100ENG G2 Wireless receiver and a Transmitter and a SKP 100 G2 plug-on transmitter to connect to the Audio Technica 897.
But, haha.. I'm not exactly sure how this works! My questions:

1. Will the SKP 100 G2 plug-on transmitter work with an Audio Technica 897? I'd read something about the mic having to be a dynamic mic? Is the AT897 dynamic?

2. If possible, i'd just buy the Sennheiser EW100ENG G2 Wireless receiver and a SKP 100 G2 plug-on transmitter and go with that. Can I do without the transmitter and save some money? I would use the SKP 100 plug-on on the mic I wanted to use at the time.

3. How does the receiver connect to my camera? Where would I mount it?
I'm using an NV-GS100 3 CCD Panasonic. Does it plug into the miniplug port in the camera?

4. Do I need a Beachtek DX-4 with XLR inputs?

I want to continue a video project in China. Running wires for sound is not very convenient much of the time in rural places where I'm either too far away from the action to run a wire, or afraid that the wires will be disconnected by kids playing. Of course I want to do this with a shoe-string budget and buy the lightest, smallest equipment. I'm figuring I can do most of the work filming folk dancing, martial arts and interviews using a AT897 and a lavalier mic.

I'd appreciate any advise you can provide!


Dave Largent May 12th, 2006 02:22 PM

Well, the transmitter is for a person to wear on
their body with a small lavalier microphone.
If you don't need the person to where a mic
then you probably don't need the "bodypack

Stu Holmes May 12th, 2006 04:29 PM

Mic can be dynamic or condenser - it doesn't really matter.
- AT897 is condenser.

im not sure if you can just buy the SKP100 and the receiver from Sennheiser.
But even if you could get just those two items, the price difference between that and the standard G2 ew100 'package' of transmitter + receiver + SKP100 may really be small.
I'd recommend getting the standard ew100 package so that you can also use the standard recevier/transmitter/lav in the normal wireless lav configuration (even though right now you're most interested in the plugon transmitter).

Check at B&H if you can cherry-pick just the bits you want and price it up.

David Ennis May 12th, 2006 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by Stu Holmes
Mic can be dynamic or condenser - it doesn't really matter.

What does matter with the skp100 (as opposed to the more expensive skp500, which provides phantom power) is whether the mic needs phantom power. Since the AT897 is battery powered you should be fine.

But Stu's right. It will cost you $570 to buy the just the receiver and the plug on transmitter. But for $599 you get both of those in a kit that also includes a $122 lav microphone and free shipping. (B&H prices). No brainer. And I think you'll find the convenience and flexibilty of a wireless lav more a plus in many situations than you now anticipate.

No, you don't need a Beacktek adaptor, the receiver (which comes with a bracket that mounts it on the camera's accessory shoe) will plug into the cam's mic jack.

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