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Daniel Melius July 7th, 2006 05:19 PM

Need microphone holder for boom stand
I'm in kind of in a bind as I've got less than two weeks before I start shooting on a 10 day music tour and I decided to get two rather large boom stands to record overtop of the audiance on one of my modified Sony VX2100's while the other one will be recording off of the sound board.


The only problem is there is no information on these for placement of microphones. I'm not sure on the exact microphones that I will be using (musicians will be bringing them along) but they will be of the hand held concert type similar to these:


Can anyone help me out on what type of microphone holders I should buy for these boom stands. I can't really wait until the boom stands arrive next week sometime to order holders as it will be too late to get them in the mail before I leave. Are there basic holders that fit all of these boom stands as I've never owned any of them before and have no idea if they have some kind of screw on attachment at the end or what to conncect microphone holders. There is no information at all on any web sites as to using microphone holders. B&H photo doesn't even have suggested accessories for any of these stands.

Ralph Keyser July 10th, 2006 04:23 PM

The standard for most musical microphone stands is a male 5/8-27. Without knowing for sure, that would be my guess on the stand you showed as well. A quick call to Samson would sort it out. BTW, the standard for boompoles in film and TV is 3/8-16 (the same size as mounting for film cameras). Most every microphone intended for music use comes with a little plastic clip mount designed for that microphone that has a female 5/8-27 thread on the bottom. I'd just ask the musicians to be sure to bring the mounts for the mics.

There are universal microphone clamps (look under handheld mic clips at B&H), but without knowing what mics you are going to be getting, it's hard to make a reasonable suggestion.

Steve House July 10th, 2006 06:48 PM

I might add that there are 3/8 to 5/8 and vice versa adapters readily available for a couple of bucks apiece. I'd grab a handful for the kit. Back in the pioneering days mountain men carried what was called a "possibles bag" filled with odds and ends you might possibly need. Every good kit needs one and mic stand adapters and cable adapters would feature prominently in its contents.

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