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Don Bazley January 6th, 2007 09:57 PM

"voice recorders"
With my new production company I plan on doing many weddings. I plan on gettnig a couple (or at least one) Senn wireless mics. On taking the advice of someone I've met on this board I plan to suppliment the wireless mics with a few IRivers. When I search for IRivers I see that most of them are called "voice recorders". To me, that means the device has a built-in mic and will only record a mic level from that mic. When possible I plan to record the line-out from the board at the ceremony and reception. My question is... what device do I need to record the line out from the board? Does the term "voice recorder" mean that this is not what I'm looking for?

I realize IRiver isn't making what I'm looking for annymore but I'm hoping I can still find some somewhere. Any help is appreciated.

Andreas Griesmayr January 7th, 2007 07:10 PM

There are quite a few mp3 players which have a line in and a A/D to digitalize the signal, mostly they will record in mp3 only, will vary at how many kbps max.
The iRivers are special in the sense that they also have a built in preamp, or in other words a line in which can be switched to be a mic-in allowing to plug in external mics directly.
Better than the small iFP iRivers ( better peamp, A/Ds and recording in WAV ) would be the bigger harddisc iRivers iHP120 or 140, 320, 340, Sony HiMDs or the Edirol R-09.

Vince Baker January 13th, 2007 12:42 PM

How about IRIVER Player MP3 iFP-180T
Can anyone tell me if the IRIVER Player MP3 iFP-180T has a pre-amp for mic in?

I have tried to look for the 700 or 800 series as recommended time and time again on here but I cannot find a supplier. So, I have started to look at the latest models but I am unsure what to get.

to accompany a gsquid...

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