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Glenn Davidson January 10th, 2007 01:09 PM

Mixer Question
I want to make my two Shure 367 mono mixers work as a stereo mixer. Goal is to mix mono microphone feed with a stereo pair. So, will this work?

Output from Shure FP16 distribution amp of mono mic into each Shure. Then,

L channel from stereo souce into one Shure 367 and Right channel into another Shure 367.

One mixer will act as Left channel and one as Right.

So I now have a mono mic mixed with a stereo pair. I guess I am concerned that the DA outputs will cause cancellations. The reason I am doing this is to use available equipment. Is this a bad idea?

Seth Bloombaum January 10th, 2007 04:08 PM

If I understand the signal flow you're considering, I have two suggestions:

1) the mono mic, which you wish to mix center, outputs at mic level. I believe the Shure FP16 is line-level input. You'd need another M367 to bring the mic output up to line level.

2) you really only have one place you can monitor the mix, that's at the recording device (camcorder?). Mixers & DA will have to be next to the camcorder so that the mix of center/left and center/right can be adjusted.

Assuming the above issues are addressed, you have 3 pieces (or more) of equipment doing what one stereo mixer could do... but it should work. No, there wouldn't be cancellation issues feeding the same mic to the two mono mixers, as long as all cables are correctly built so the signal stays in phase.

Glenn Davidson January 10th, 2007 05:29 PM

Thanks Seth,

The FP16 and the Shure 367 mixers are both switchable from mic/line in and out.

I am running short xlr cables to a Tascam P2 and will monitor sound there. Others will be operating cameras

The FP16 will also be used to feed mic level to a camera for back-up/scratch track and to house sound for PA.

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