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Carlos Manuel March 8th, 2007 10:06 AM

a bit out of topic - need an audio studio in London
Hi folks,

I'm producing an audio CD for 1st year of English lessons.
It will contain the reading and some simple dialogues to be listen in classes for children.

I will need to record it with around 8 or 9 voices (5 young -11/12 years old- and 4 adults -2M 2F)

Because of the English pronunciation, I will have to record with good voices.

I need a studio in London that can provie the voices and do the recordings - I will be present and maybe my client.

Can you indicate me a couple of options, please.

I can't go and I don't need a very large (very expensive) studio.
Just a good mic, good booth and nice voices.

Here is an average example of the text to be read:

Sally:___Look at me! I’ve got big eyes, big ears and a big nose. I’m very tall.
Ben:____I’ve got big arms and small hands. I’m very thin.
Charlie:__I’ve got small legs and big feet. I’m very fat. We are so ugly! Ha!Ha! Ha!

You can answer here or to the e-mail: ca_ma_fe@sapo.pt


Chris Luker March 8th, 2007 03:15 PM

Do you need British English, or can American English work for you?
My company does quite a few voice overs for english teaching products sold all over the world, but we use Americans.

Carlos Manuel March 8th, 2007 03:30 PM

I will need British English, I think.
The CD's will come with the school books for 1st year students.

I presume that the author will prefer English.
I will ask her.
Anyway, because the author wants to be present during the recording, go to London is more easy than go another place far.

We never know...
Can you send me a small sample of a "neutral" voice from an adult and a 11 years child ?


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