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Jay Lee May 17th, 2007 05:17 PM

Next best thing to Lectro's
I'm pretty sold on the Lectro 400 series, but they are pricey. What would be the "next best thing" for a true diversity UHF TX/RX combo for lavs and connecting line level sources (i.e. aux out of board). I'm thinking the Sony's or possibily AT. I'm not looking for a cheap solution, just a good value in a pro system.


Hsien Yong May 17th, 2007 09:58 PM

I think the Lectro 400 series seems like great value for money.

But you could consider the Mipro MR90
They have a US dealer http://www.avlex.com/mipro_products.html

Jaron Berman May 17th, 2007 10:34 PM

Lectros are bullet proof reliability-wise, and the 400's have some great features - like the spectrum analyzers. In terms of sound quality, you'll find that most "pro" systems can deliver roughly the same quality within their range. You'll find a lot more difference in sound between a cheap mic and a good mic than you will between something like the Sennheiser G2 and the Lectro...within their ranges. The Lectro setup is true diversity (which is of debatable usefulness, being that the antennas are about 3" apart) and generally quite a bit more powerful than most of the competitors, so you'll have a lot longer range without hits than you would with, say, a 30 or 50mw system. But, if you're getting hits on one system, chances are you'll get them on another system at that frequency. UHF is a pretty packed band, especially in metropolitan areas, so whatever system you get, make sure it's easy to switch frequencies. The older lectros are notoriously hard to switch, though the 401/411 receivers and sm transmitters are a breeze.

I went to buy a set of wireless lavs for my personal kit, and actually had 3 separate dealers talk me out of the lectros. They all said that in the 50-100ft. range, they'll all perform basically the same on a clear channel. Lectros shine longer than that. Since I don't need a ton of range in my personal kit, all 3 dealers suggested to go with the Sennheiser gear and spend the extra money on good lavs. I got the Countryman b6's and LOVE them - the sound is fantastic, even with my "cheap" sennheiser packs.

I got 2 sennehiser kits with 2 B6's for about the price of a single 401 without a mic. I have never felt like the packs were lacking.

If you have the cash to do the 401/sm combo, you certainly can't go wrong. But, plan on an extra $3000-$350 for a good lav to make the system sound the way it should.

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